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About Vizrt Days

Vizrt Days gathers industry leading broadcasters in Bergen, Norway for two days of inspiration and networking.

November 7 - 8 2017

Vizrt Days is two packed days of over 30 sessions, including high-quality keynotes, industry highlights and innovations, and inspiring case presentations. The event presents a unique opportunity to share ideas and discuss with other Vizrt users from all over the world.

This year, the Vizrt Global Headquarters has moved to Media City Bergen, Scandinavia's newest media innovation and science hub. Vizrt Days is an opportunity to get exclusive insights into this brand new and highly advanced media facility.

All delegates are invited to join us after the first day of the conference for an informal reception & an evening event at Vizrt’s new global headquarters, Media City Bergen. Media City Bergen is just a 2-minute walk from the Scandic Ørnen Hotel. Entrance is free; book your ticket via the sign-up form. Please note: Enrolment for Vizrt Days 2017 closes at 14:00, Thursday 2 November.

Vizrt Days 2016 images courtesy of Thor Brødreskift


Day 1 - Vizrt Days 2017

Time General Session
08:30-09:00 Registration & exhibitors' demos
09:00-09:15 Welcome to Vizrt Days by Michael Hallèn, CEO, Vizrt
09:15-09:45 Artificial intelligence for the media industry by Eirik Solheim, Editor, NRK Beta
09:45-10:15 Streamlining production of The Washington Post’s online video by Micah Gelman, Director of Video and Senior Editor, The Washington Post
10:15-10:45 Coffee break & exhibitors' demos
10:45-11:15 TBA
11:15-11:45 Politics and innovation forge ahead during the 2016 US Presidential Election by David Bohrman, President, The Bohrman Group and Marc Greenstein, VP, Design & Production, NBCUniversal
11:45-13:00 Lunch courtesy of Boxx
Time Track 1: Future-proof platforms Track 2: Storytelling with graphics Track 3: Innovating automation
13:00-13:30 The future is now - AI, VR and cloud technologies that will change the way you work by Alex Micallef, Senior Manager M&E EMEA, Nvidia and Gerhard Lang, Chief Engineering Officer, Vizrt 50 Shades of Yellow by John Murphy, Creative Director, Motion, BBC Sport 77 hours of Exposure: How Esperanza Spalding reached 3.2 million fans with Viz Opus by Robert Reinlund, Documentary Producer, TV 2 Norway and Chris Black, Corporate Communications Manager, Vizrt
13:30-14:00 TV 2 GPO - lessons learned from a year with restructuring a media house by Hege Marie Kallestad, Head of Publishing and Playout Operations, TV 2 and Ole Johan Skogheim, Head of Systems, Mediability Innovation in journalism by Andrei Jiro, News and Sports Graphics Manager, TV Globo TBA
14:00-14:45 Coffee break & exhibitors' demos Coffee break & exhibitors' demos Coffee break & exhibitors' demos
14:45-15:15 TBA by Thomas Mattsson, Editor-in-Chief, Expressen How to improve the lives of 267518 Norwegians..., by Jonathan Spencer, Creative Director VR / 3D / Viz, BBC News Revisiting concepts - How Rio 2016 coverage is changing live productions in Globosat by Luiz Claudio Costa, Developing and technology specialist and Lourenço Carvano, Engineering director, Globosat
15:15-15:45 Broadcasting strikes back – real-time advertising on linear TV by Tuomo Kulomaa, Creative Director, Wake Dynamite Ltd and Juha Harju, Senior Art Director, Sanoma Media Finland Breaking the Promo Break by Alon Levi, Creative Director, Promotheus and Yaki Jacques, Head of YES Series Channel, YES DBS Satellite Services Ltd Automating Mediacorp - Building Mediacorp’s new media facility by James Hollis, Vice President Production services, Mediacorp
16:30-19:00 Reception at Vizrt Global Headquarters with a tour of Media City Bergen Reception at Vizrt Global Headquarters with a tour of Media City Bergen Reception at Vizrt Global Headquarters with a tour of Media City Bergen
19:00-midnight Social event at Media City Bergen, in cooperation with Dell EMC Social event at Media City Bergen, in cooperation with Dell EMC Social event at Media City Bergen, in cooperation with Dell EMC

Day 2 - Vizrt Days 2017

Time General Session
08:30-09:00 Coffee & exhibitors' demos
09:00-09:35 What if creatives were the CEOs most trusted advisors by John Jacobsen, Founder & CEO, Supertanker
09:35-10:15 Going Live: The Making of VICE News Tonight by Lucy Paynter, Real-Time Graphics Art Director, Vice
10:15-10:45 Coffee break & exhibitors' demos
10:45-11:15 Outside AR on an epic scale – Al Arabiya’s US Election coverage by Nakhle El Hage, Director of News and Current Affairs, Al-Arabiya News Channel and Fadi Radi, Head of Graphics, Middle East Broadcasting Corp.
11:15-11:45 Sky Sports HQ – Creativity meets effective and efficient workflows by Alessandro Reitano, Vice President Sports Production, Sky Deutschland Fernsehen GmbH & Co. KG and Daniel Url, Managing Director, Qvest Media
11:45-13:00 Lunch courtesy of AstuceMedia & exhibitors' demos
13:00-13:30 Zero to Air in 90 Days by Tony Brown, VP, Product, Newsy
13:30-14:00 2017 BBC General Election (Act III) by Jonathan Spencer, Creative Director VR / 3D / Viz, Tony Sinclair, Senior Vizrt/Real-time developer, David Hughes, Vizrt/Real-time Graphics Developer, BBC News
14:00-14:30 Coffee break & exhibitors' demos
14:30-15:00 CNN’s Augmented Election Cycle – Taking the Virtual Studio on the road by Partick Ford, Senior Producer, CNN
15:00-15:30 Super Bowl 51 with FOX Sports by Zac Fields, SVP Graphic Technology and Integration and Greg Sanders, Technical Broadcast Designer, Fox Sports
15:30-16:00 Closing session by Petter Ole Jakobsen, CTO, Vizrt


2017 BBC General Election (Act III)

Jonathan Spencer, Tony Sinclair and David Hughes ‣ BBC News

On the 18th of April 2017 the UK’s Prime Minister Theresa May called an election she did not need, at a time she said she wouldn’t, to get an overwhelming mandate for a subject she had not supported. In the crazy world of Brexit politics, this is the new normal; and as we all know ‘normal means normal’. For the BBC the new normal means mounting an election in seven weeks, obviously the brand for 2015 could be reused and so could some of the assets, but as large amounts of the backend had changed in 2016 so considerable revision and refinement was needed. Add into this mix a requirement to suspend the laws of physics and the recipe for a coalition of chaos was in place.

Jonathan Spencer is an award winning Creative Director with a track record in designing and delivering successful projects for the BBC. Jonathan manages the Computer Graphics team for BBC News Visual Journalism and has been responsible for the team’s expansion, recruitment, creative leadership and strategic direction since 2010. The teams work ranges from creating templated television graphics for the BBC newsroom to the design and creation of election graphics. An in depth knowledge of augmented/virtual reality and the creative application of camera tracking data is one of Jonathan's key areas of expertise. Recent innovative projects have been the 3D screen for the Scottish Referendum and the 'Twitter bot' for the EU Referendum/US Election coverage.

Tony Sinclair is the Senior Vizrt/Real-time developer at BBC News Graphics in London. Tony graduated in Fine Art from Edinburgh College of Art in the late 1980’s followed by an MSc degree in Applied Computing Technology (Computer Graphics) at Middlesex University in 1990. Tony joined the BBC’s Computer Graphics Workshop in the summer of 1990; he worked on Peter Snows big screen graphics for the 1992 UK General Election. The BBC’s Computer Graphics Workshop was the highly innovative team who created all of the automated digital graphics systems for BBC News, Sport, Weather and Science and Entertainment. Tony has worked in all aspects of graphics systems development and has taken lead roles in Sports systems and led the technical delivery of every major election and referendum in the UK since 1992 on both sides of the border.

David Hughes is a graphics developer at BBC News in London. After graduating in politics, with a further Master’s degree in Broadcast Journalism, David went on to work in TV sports production, gaining valuable experience as graphics operator and producer, before joining Sky Sports to develop graphics there. Having joined the BBC in late 2014, he has worked on all the major election broadcasts since then, including the EU Referendum and US election result programmes. Working on Viz Artist, he has collaborated with editorial and design teams to create touchscreens and full frame graphics to help tell the story of one of the most turbulent political periods in recent history. David also works more regularly with Viz Content Pilot, Template Wizard and Artist to furnish the various BBC News outlets with reliable, informative house style graphics.

Artificial intelligence for the media industry

Eirik Solheim ‣ NRK Beta

What is artificial intelligence and how will it affect the media industry? How can AI help us with indexing, search, journalism, image editing and understanding our audience? We will go through the possibilities, the challenges and the ethical dilemmas. You'll get examples, inspiration and knowledge. All the way from the basic building blocks of AI to the future and singularity.

Eirik Solheim is a senior strategic advisor at NRK’s development department. He is leading projects involving internet services, interactive TV, social media and broadband strategies, and is an experienced international speaker.

Automating Mediacorp - Building Mediacorp’s new media facility

James Hollis ‣ Mediacorp

Mediacorp launched its first radio station in 1937. 20 years later, they began to broadcast TV. The facility was located in the same premises for over 80 years. Then in 2013 construction work began on the new Mediacorp, in an area known as Mediapolis, a dedicated media hub in the west of Singapore. This is a state of the art facility supporting all of Mediacorp’s media facets including News, Entertainment, Radio, Digital and a 1500 seat theatre. The facility boasts the first in south east asia for many of its technical systems and workflows. This session will detail some of the challenges faced and give an insight into the overall build of Mediacorp’s New Campus.

James Hollis moved into TV very quickly after training as a recording engineer. He initially worked in the studio team for Bloomberg Television in London and then moved to Asia to head up operations. Based in Tokyo, he oversaw all of Asia's broadcast infrastructure for Bloomberg, including HK, Singapore and Sydney. In 2010, he moved back to the UK and worked at Sky in Isleworth, where he managed the studio graphics operators and vision mixers across Sky Sports and News. In 2012, he relocated back to Asia to join Mediacorp as Vice President of Production Services. He is mainly focused on building the studios in Mediacorp's new media facility.

Breaking the Promo Break

Alon Levi ‣ Promotheus & Yaki Jacques ‣ YES DBS Satellite Services Ltd

The rebrand of YES TV multi-channel platform gave Promotheus and YES Israel the opportunity to adapt an innovative promo-break strategy. In the turmoil of cross platform broadcasting and promotion, the two companies managed to reimagine a new, automated cross-platform workflow that utilizes Vizrt tools to create new promotional experiences across all platforms.

Alon Levi is the Creative Director of Promotheus. He has long experience in commercial directing, post production and technological workflows. Alon helps numerous Israeli and international clients to deliver innovative, effective and smart promotional experiences integrating media, technology and automated workflows.

Yaki Jacques has vast experience in TV and VOD programing, content strategy and new media. He has launched several successful linear channels and VOD services, and was the originator of the “Pop Up” channels phenomenon, including the recent “Pay TV Initiative of the Year” nominated “Game of Thrones” channel.

Broadcasting strikes back – real-time advertising on linear TV

Tuomo Kulomaa ‣ Wake Dynamite Ltd & Juha Harju ‣ Sanoma Media Finland

Digital and social media are attacking television as advertising mediums and networks are seeking opportunities to stay relevant and strong. This session will be a dialogue between Sanoma Media, one of the major media companies in Finland, and one of its ad-tech service providers WakeDynamite, a real-time TV advertising solution. Together, they have a mission to increase the value and relevance of advertising on linear TV. Backgrounds, perspectives, workflows, experiences, challenges and fresh revenue opportunities.

During his twenty years in television, Tuomo Kulomaa has worked with broadcasters and production companies in various creative, design and technology roles. He has managed, conceptualized and designed channel identities, rebrand projects, marketing campaigns, advertising and related workflows and system implementations. Tuomo has worked with Vizrt systems since the late nineties. Currently he is focusing on WakeDynamite™ - a real-time advertising service for broadcasters and publishers.

Juha Harju is the Senior Art Director at Nelonen Media/Sanoma Media Finland. He is responsible for the design and channel branding of all of the Nelonen Media’s Free to Air TV channels. He also has a key role in development and administration of playout graphics. He has been working with Vizrt systems from the dawn of this century.

CNN’s Augmented Election Cycle – Taking the Virtual Studio on the road

Patrick Ford ‣ CNN

CNN uses augmented reality and virtual graphics extensively to add depth to important stories. Jumping in at the 2012 US national political conventions, through 5 years of "Breaking News" from the CNN Virtual Studio, and taking it on the road for the 2016 campaign trail, plus everything that's happened since.

Patrick Ford is a Senior Producer for CNN in Washington, DC, where he operates a virtual studio, creates interactive "Magic Wall" scenes, and implements augmented graphics on-location using Vizrt, Vinten, Motion Analysis, Stype, Shotoku, nCam, and others. Patrick joined CNN in 2012 from Vizrt, where for 5 great years he got to play in a virtual studio at the NYSE and was an installation and support engineer for virtual studios. Prior to Vizrt, Patrick ran his own company, Sweet Spot, Incorporated for 8 years, specialized in digital FX and 3D animation.

Going Live: The Making of VICE News Tonight

Lucy Paynter ‣ Vice

First it was a counterculture magazine. Then it became a massive collection of web verticals, a documentary post house and a cable network. Finally, in October of 2016, VICE counted down to its first live nightly news broadcast on HBO. A month later, the U.S. Presidential election upended the daily news cycle and VICE News Tonight, still in its infancy, now had an additional challenge: deliver a nightly, film-quality, anchorless news program with absolutely no certainty about what each day would bring.

Lucy Paynter is a professional real-time artist and developer with more than 15 years of industry experience. In 2016 she joined VICE as they began construction on their brand new broadcast facility at the Brooklyn headquarters. As the sole architect of real-time technology at VICE News Tonight, she specializes in building innovative technical workflows and the detailed implementation of design.

How to improve the lives of 267518 Norwegians...

Jonathan Spencer ‣ BBC News

A personal view of accessible design in politics and football, the session will explore the issues around colour vision deficiency and look at the journey BBC Visual Journalism took to make the 2017 General Election the most accessible ever, going via the 2015 Election and the EU Referendum via the dugout. The session will conclude with lessons learned and what BBC News Visual Journalism considers best practice. It is a must for all politics loving football fans with an interest in aesthetics.

Jonathan Spencer is an award winning Creative Director with a track record in designing and delivering successful projects for the BBC. Jonathan manages the Computer Graphics team for BBC News Visual Journalism and has been responsible for the team’s expansion, recruitment, creative leadership and strategic direction since 2010. The teams work ranges from creating templated television graphics for the BBC newsroom to the design and creation of election graphics. An in depth knowledge of augmented/virtual reality and the creative application of camera tracking data is one of Jonathan's key areas of expertise. Recent innovative projects have been the 3D screen for the Scottish Referendum and the 'Twitter bot' for the EU Referendum/US Election coverage.

Innovation in journalism

Andrei Jiro ‣ TV Globo

TV Globo covers news in the largest city in the southern hemisphere; Sao Paulo, Brazil. To meet the news coverage needs in this major market, TV Globo turned to new technological resources to drive efficient news gathering. These include a georeferenced, interactive news aggregation platform, and customized weather presentations for local and nationwide news programs. They also needed to streamline their physical resources such as studio space. This was accomplished by creating a single set that works for multiple types of productions through a synchronized system of robotic monitors–ensuring every show has a unique look and feel.

Andrei Jiro graduated with an Industrial Design and Executive MBA. Andrei is the News and Sports Graphics Manager at Globo TV and joined the broadcaster in 1990. He has almost three decades experience designing and leading successful solutions for journalism and sports. In addition to his expertise in the workflows and needs of journalism, Andrei has extensive experience in meteorological solutions.

Outside AR on an epic scale – Al Arabiya’s US Election coverage

Nakhle El Hage ‣ Al Arabiya News Channel & Fadi Radi ‣ Middle East Broadcasting Corp.

One of the largest news channels in the Arab region, Al Arabiya, part of the Middle East Broadcast Channel group, wanted to cover the U.S. election in a way that reflected the impact the election has on the Arab world. They also wanted to be able to explain the complexity of the election in a very clear and memorable way for their viewers. To achieve this, Al Arabiya partnered with Vizrt and Spidercam to create the world’s largest augmented reality (AR) set used in a live news production.

Nakhle El Hage is the Director of News and Current Affairs at Al Arabiya News Channel. He joined MBC Group in 1991 in London as chief sub-editor of news. He was the first Arab news editor in a Pan-Arab satellite channel and was among the first to contribute in Arabizing technology in the news business. In 2002, he supervised the move of MBC from its headquarters in London to Dubai and contributed in setting up the work flow of news in MBC and later in Al Arabiya. In July 2004, he became Director of News and Current Affairs bringing a wealth of experience in politics and culture to the news.

Fadi Radi is Head of Graphics at MBC. He has more than 15 years of experience in leading strategic corporate initiatives, directing flagship transformation programs focused on building state-of-the-art brands and implementing new, creative ideas and emerging technologies. He has a proven record of developing interactive and on-air campaigns for MENA's most well-known brands, projects that have been awarded and internationally recognized.

image of David Borhman image of Marc Greenstein

Politics and innovation forge ahead during the 2016 US Presidential Election

David Bohrman and Marc Greenstein ‣ The Bohrman Group and NBCUniversal

The US elections have always been a fertile ground for media innovation and the efforts of NBC News in 2016 was a significant leap forward. The use of massive data walls, thousands of rendered graphics, and augmented reality across multiple networks simultaneously, presented a challenge to envision, create, manage, and execute. Vizrt technology was employed to accomplish most of these tasks, pushing them to the limit (and sometimes beyond) what we thought was possible.

David Bohrman, one of the most innovative, experienced and respected TV journalists and executive leaders for more than 30 years, Bohrman has gone from Producer to Executive Producer to Senior Management at the biggest names in American television: ABC News, NBC News, CNNfn, CNN, Pseudo and Current TV. As CNN’s Washington Bureau Chief, he was named one of Washington’s 50 Most Influential and Powerful Journalists by Washingtonian Magazine and One of Fast Company Magazines “100 Most Creative People in the World” (2011). Bohrman is the winner of 6 Emmy awards and 18 Emmy nominations. Two Peabody Awards. the 2014 Columbia Graduate School of Journalism Alumni Award, the Christopher Award, the Arthur Ashe Award, and even a MacUser award.

Marc Greenstein is an award winning Television Executive and show Director with a track record in innovative video storytelling and production techniques. With over 20 years of production experience, He is currently responsible for the on-air look of NBC News and MSNBC. Marc leads a team of designers, directors, and technologists responsible for creating dynamic studio environments, as well as real-time augmented and on-screen graphic presentations. While Marc enjoys the big picture work of balancing creative and budget, his true passion is being in the control room where he has been fortunate enough to Direct multiple Olympics, Presidential Elections and Debates, and his 3 year olds school talent show!

Revisiting concepts - How Rio 2016 coverage is changing live productions in Globosat

Luiz Claudio Costa and Lourenço Carvano ‣ Globosat

The Olympics in Rio 2016 impacted not only the city of Rio de Janeiro, but also Brazilian TV, when SPORTV decided to offer to Brazilian viewers 100% coverage of the games. With a total of nearly 4,000 hours of transmission, Globosat’s engineering department had been looking for new technologies and operational concepts to meet this demand. This session will show how this challenge has opened the door to discussions about automating live shows and event productions at Globosat, and how the games’ legacy will impact the future.

Luiz Claudio Costa started his career at Globosat 20 years ago. During this period, he coordinated important operational changes such as the replacement of the playout automation system, the implementation of playout fully based on video servers, and more recently, production automation systems and compact control rooms.

Lourenço Carvano began his career in Broadcasting in 1980 as Maintenance Manager at the founding of Globosat, one of the first Brazil’s pay-TV operators. He is currently Director of Engineering.During his time at Globosat period, he participated in several important projects including as the 4K World Cup broadcast and the 2016 Summer Olympics in IP, with live transmission of 100% of the events.

image of Alessandro Reitano image of Daniel Url

Sky Sports HQ – Creativity meets effective and efficient workflows

Alessandro Reitano and Daniel Url ‣ Sky Deutschland and Qvest Media

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, Sky’s new broadcast centre provides a maximum of flexibility for effective and efficient workflow while keeping the creativity for editorial innovations. Vizrt gives Sky Deutschland the possibility to achieve this balancing act.

Alessandro Reitano joined Sky Deutschland Fernsehen in 2008. He has been responsible for live OB sports production and has always been involved in the development of new technologies and innovations in the field of sports production. Since1 September 2015, he has assumed overall responsiblity for the sports production division at Sky at Vice President.

Daniel Url joined Qvest Media in 2009 as Managing Director for Qvest Media in Europe. He has over 15 years of work experience in various challenging national and international TV broadcast positions. Daniel Url's background is broadcast-technology driven; he has held several positions at SBS Broadcasting (now part of Discovery), for example. As Head of Broadcasting at Voice TV, he was responsible for the technical design and operation of 6 TV channels broadcasting to Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Romania and Bulgaria. He ultimately took over the lead for the SBS playout centre in London Chiswick park as Technical Director.

image of Micah Gelman

Streamlining production of The Washington Post’s online video

Micah Gelman ‣ The Washington Post

The Washington Post is a storied institution, beginning with its founding in 1877— it drives the world’s daily conversation. But unlike a generation ago, today’s Washington Post is a media and technology company. And nowhere is that more evident than Washington Post video—a 70-person studio producing hundreds of videos weekly. Micah Gelman explain how Washington Post video transforming under the direction of Jeff Bezos - the world’s leading innovator.

Micah Gelman is Director of Video and Senior Editor at The Washington Post where he oversees all business and editorial functions of Washington Post video. Gelman joined The Post in 2015 from Discovery Communications where he headed digital video strategy and led the implementation of TV Everywhere for Discovery’s 11 domestic television networks. Prior to Discovery, Gelman led domestic online video distribution for the Associated Press. Gelman has won more than a dozen Edward R. Murrow and Emmy Awards along with a Webby. He’s a graduate of the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University and resides in Reisterstown, Maryland with his wife and two young children.

image of Zac Fields image of Greg Sanders

Super Bowl 51 with FOX Sports

Zac Fields and Greg Sanders ‣ Fox Sports

Take a behind the scene look at covering the week of the Super Bowl with VIZ RT. A look through all aspects including set graphics, AR, social media, traditional insert graphics, marketing opportunities etc.

Zac Fields oversees FOX Sports’ real-time graphic development and integration, software development and new technology. This team provides design, implementation and support for all of the FOX Sports Media Group. Along with the daily workflows across all FSMG networks this group provides high end graphic design with new ways to display information for large events such as the Super Bowl, Daytona 500, MLB World Series, the US Open and the FIFA World Cup.

Greg Sanders has been one of Fox Sports' lead VIZ RT designers since joining the team in 2013. Greg is not only a skilled graphic artist but specializes in real-time workflow and development. He is FOX Sports’ lead technical artist while developing graphics pertaining to real time data, logic based scenes and template driven systems. Greg has over 10 years of experience developing efficient workflows for end users.

image of Alex Micallef image of Gerhard Lang

The future is now - AI, VR and cloud technologies that will change the way you work

Alex Micallef and Gerhard Lang ‣Nvidia and Vizrt

NVIDIA’s Alex Micallef and our very own Gerhard Lang will take you through new and exciting innovations in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, cloud technologies and ray-traced rendering and how they will impact a broadcast workflow.

Alex Micallef has worked in the film and broadcast technology industry for most of the past 2 decades. He joined NVIDIA in 2012 to run the Media and Entertainment business for NVIDIA in EMEA. Working with broadcasters and film studios across the region Alex also works closely with a number of software vendors such as Vizrt to help them accelerate their applications with NVIDIA technology.

Gerhard Lang joined Vizrt in 2000 as the Head of R&D Austria. Gerhard has worked in the area of numerical methods applied to tunneling and mine safety, stereo photogrammetry, micro seismic event visualization, traffic analysis and simulations. All creating a large volume of data and the need to visualize them in an understandable way.

image of Hege Marie Kallestad image of Ole Johan Skogheim

TV 2 GPO - lessons learned from a year with restructuring a media house

Hege Marie Kallestad and Ole Johan Skogheim ‣TV 2 and Mediability

The internet is changing the world and TV must change with it. The TV 2 Greenfield Playout (GPO) is a groundbreaking project to build a futureproof and versatile video and publishing infrastructure. The GPO project is both a transformation- and a heavily technology-led project, and it will make TV 2 Norway one of the smartest media houses in Europe. It allows TV 2 to create great user experiences on any platform, including broadcast, without making larger infrastructure investments. With the flow of bidirectional metadata at GPO's core, TV 2 can address new markets and new business models through standard web technologies.

Hege Marie Kallestad is the Head of Publishing and Playout Operations at TV 2 Norway. She has been working in TV 2 for eighteen years and has more than eleven years experience in leading different operational departments within TV 2, with a focus on executing and implementing new strategies, efficiency processes and optimizing workflows. In the last three years Hege Marie has also lead the huge innovation and technology program in TV 2, called the GPO – Greenfield Playout Program. Her background, with a combination of technology-based education combined with a certified Master in NLP Leadership Coaching, and her excellent leadership skills, has helped her succeed in making this transformation project a success for TV 2. In September she also started a Master program in Technology & Innovation at NHH (Norwegian School of Economics)

Ole Johan Skogheim comes from a long history in TV 2 Norway, holding positions as System Engineer, Head of Systems and Lead Architect, over more than 25 years. He has been involved in TV 2's GPO project from day 1 as lead architect. Ole Johan joined Mediability in September 2017.

image of John Jacobsen

What if creatives were the CEO's most trusted advisors

John Jacobsen ‣ Supertanker

Supertanker is a independent creative strategy agency that teams up with some of Scandinavias largest companies to help them reinvent themselves in a digital world. They specialize in positioning strategy, product development and change management. Their talk is about how companies can become more creative from within, and why it's a smart thing to do.

John Jacobsen Founder, CEO. Strategic advisor for international and Scandinavian companies within publishing, finance, politics and retail for 15 years. Speaker and blogger about creativity in strategy and value-driven companies.

image of Tony Brown

Zero to Air in 90 Days

Tony Brown ‣ Newsy

The story of how Newsy managed to build a control room, hire a team, and start broadcasting live television in just 3 months.

Tony Brown is Vice President of product at Newsy. He joined the company in 2009 and oversees the development of the website, apps and distribution systems that deliver Newsy content to your television, your computer, and the palm of your hand. He manages Newsy’s Chicago bureau and holds undergraduate and master’s degrees from the University of Missouri School of Journalism.

image of John Murphy

50 Shades of Yellow

John Murphy ‣ BBC Sport

The Brand Harmonisation of BBC Sport for the multi-platform age.

John Murphy is the Motion Creative Director for BBC Sport, the role encompasses managing the brand, design direction and creative innovation. He began as a graphic designer in the broadcast world 20 years ago and began the role for BBC Sport 7 years ago when they moved to Media City, Salford.

image of Chris Black

77 hours of Exposure: How Esperanza Spalding reached 3.2 million fans with Viz Opus

Robert Reinlund and Chris Black ‣ TV 2 Norway and Vizrt

How do you compose and record an entire album from scratch in just 77 hours? This is the question jazz musician Esperanza Spalding wanted to answer for her millions of fans by live streaming the entire process on Facebook Live. The live stream production was organized by the Norway-based music platform, Oiid, using a single operator on Vizrt’s “magic box” Viz Opus.

Chris Black has been in the media industry for over 20 years, working as an art director and technical director in several television stations across the United States. The last 12 years, Chris has been with Vizrt, using his experience in the media industry as a foundation for bringing Vizrt products to the traditional market, and as a reference to look beyond to challenge where the industry needs to go next.

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