Future proof, content focused live production

Vizrt’s studio automation improves speed-to-air and operational efficiency increasing profitability for any broadcaster. The software-based user interface and control core creates a future-proof live production platform that will support both current and future broadcast environments.

  • 01.Strong return on investment
  • 02.Empowering content focused production
  • 03.Future proof workflow

Put the story at the center of your production with this powerful, live production solution. Viz Mosart gives broadcasters the ability to create higher quality live content, and significantly increase the amount of hours created, at the same time.

The systems are currently being used in hundreds of control rooms worldwide and Vizrt continues to innovate how live production can be improved.

The result is studio automation systems that maximise the utilization of all aspects of a live environment; smarter use of manpower, higher utilization of the existing technical and studio resources, automatic versioning for multiplatform and ability to reuse and rebrand editorial content to be shared between channels or programs.

This constantly evolving, smarter way of creating content gives several operational benefits. Broadcasters can create more specialised content for OTT and web channels, as well as setting up new and temporary live channels for special events such as elections, sports events and special occasions, with lower cost than previously possible.

Quality is a key word when it comes to building viewers trust and a strong brand, and Vizrt’s studio automation empowers exactly that. Broadcasters that have implemented the solution have eliminated human errors and improved coordination both technically and editorially of the live production. These results are a product of an intuitive user experience in combination with a powerful backend that coordinates all aspects of the any live broadcast.

Being first on-air and online is more important than ever. Vizrt’s studio automation systems will be instantly ready to broadcast with as little as a single operator. This means that even during low staffed hours broadcasters are able to get on-air and online first with confidence that the quality of the channel is consistent.

Studio automation can be implemented in existing as well as new control rooms. The software-based architecture allows automation to be set up in a traditional control room space as well as in any other space, such as in the newsroom or inside the studio. This introduces a new level of flexibility to the broadcasting facility. As any story can be played by any automation system, broadcasters are able to do last minute changes of production control room, they can use any control room as backup for the others and therefore can rethink how the production spaces are designed.

Powerful features

Key features

  • Simple operation
  • Director focused UI
  • Touch screen operation
  • Low operational cost
  • One or many operators
  • Anchor operation supported
  • Powerful device coordination
  • Multiple rundowns
  • Control room equipment integration
  • Live-versioning support
  • Audio and timing control
  • Own rundown creator included

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Singapore’s Mediacorp raises the stakes with on-air AR graphics from Vizrt at new production facility

Video placeholder
  • Automated programming 17 hours
  • Newsroom700 journalists
  • Campus800,000 sq. ft.

A project was started to upgrade to a new studio using the latest graphics and automation technology without interrupting programming.

A new ‘digital first’ mindset guides the fully-automated studio producing live video with graphics, with the result of boosted viewership.

This was a massive feat and everyone played their part in achieving this, especially if you consider the leap in the technology usage from before and after.

James HollisVice President, Production Services at Mediacorp.