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Vizrt’s live production tools have defined how the world’s largest broadcasters cover elections. Create accurate and beautiful election coverage with: live data-driven graphics, interactive screens and video walls, virtual sets and augmented reality (AR) graphics, and automation systems for error-free control.

Broadcasters need to visualize live election data quickly and accurately while keeping viewers engaged. Virtual sets and immersive graphics bring viewers into the seats of government while maps display results for every location. Vizrt’s template-driven workflow allows the journalist to create custom content for fullscreens, video, and tickers, while key election data is automatically updated live.

Give the journalist a set of tools to tell the story of the election as it happens. Using interactive video walls, the journalist controls the pacing of the show with highly informative, data-driven content. Virtual sets allow the journalist to visually explain complex ideas such as how the balance of power can shift with different election results. Immersive graphics become part of any studio or used in outside broadcast to show the latest results. A complex election broadcast is controlled using a studio automation system that works with any newsroom system and controls every element of the broadcast including lights, audio, video sources and robotics cameras.

Live data is key to any election broadcast as viewers expect to see the latest results being constantly displayed on-air. Vizrt’s data-visualization tools allow graphics to be updated in real-time so the journalist can focus on telling the story in unique ways while the important election results are updated automatically. Animated maps display live results and zoom all the way to the county level for detailed results analysis. Tickers, lower thirds, fullscreen graphics, video walls, virtual graphics, and social media posts all become data-driven graphics with unique animations announcing updates.

Take the live broadcast online and to mobile devices with automatic live-transcoding to any format. The broadcast stories are automatically broken up into separate clips for VOD. Create unique content for online viewers with a compact control room system that is easy-to-use with automation, graphics, and video controls.

  • 01.Give viewers up-to-the-second accurate election information
  • 02.Stand out with AR graphics and video walls
  • 03.Create error-free live broadcasts with powerful automation tools

Powerful features

Key features

  • Live data visualization
  • Virtual sets & augmented reality graphics
  • Interactive video walls
  • Social media visualization
  • Automatic VOD and IP production
  • Downstream data-driven ticker
  • Template-based newsroom workflow
  • Primary & secondary channel automation

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