Storytelling through design and data

One design tool for designers to rapidly create all types of stunning graphics. A tool for data harvesting and visualization, motion design, branding tool and advanced 3D graphics. A design tool that lets you tell amazing informative stories.

  • 01.Single design tool for all graphic types
  • 02.Real-time means fast and effective design
  • 03.Established global community of friendly users

Viz Artist is your one stop design tool. Total design control is given to the designer, and it allows them to rapidly create stunning graphics that help broadcasters tell stories to viewers.

Real Time 2D and 3D Design

Viz Artist is built on technology that allows for real-time rendering of all graphics, and has been since its inception in the mid-1990’s. The platform has been constantly improved ever since, creating the world’s leading design tool for all kinds of graphics.

Because Vizrt uses a single design tool, designers save a considerable amount of time when producing content. They can easily reuse content created for different types of graphics. Furthermore, designers do not have to learn, and keep proficient with, multiple design platforms. Everything starts in Viz Artist.

When designing in Viz Artist, designers have complete control of animations. They have access to keyframes to set animation points of any aspect, of any object on the screen. Furthermore, designers have access to virtual cameras that can be moved around the scene, plus lighting control to control shading and shadows of on-screen objects.

Built-In Primitives

To help designers get started, Viz Artist has many basic shapes that the designers can start with. Some of these basic shapes include rectangles, circles and spheres, but also include more advanced shapes like cylinders, graphs, and polygons.

Designers can use the polygon tool to free draw a custom shape, or import shapes from other third-party tools, like Adobe Illustrator. Even more complex 3-D models can be imported from modeling applications that export FBX files.

For even more advanced modeling, Viz Artist supports CINEMA 4D Live Link. This integration allows designers to create advanced models in CINEMA 4D, then import those models into Viz Artist. Designers can then manipulate models in CINEMA 4D and, when Live Link is enabled, have those changes appear inside Viz Artist in real time.

Clip, Video Inputs

For ultimate flexibility, clips and live inputs need to be included in design elements. These types of sources are integrated into Viz Artist, and can be added to the scene just like any other element. Clips and inputs can be put into a scene as a 2-D surface, or wrapped around a 3D object.

Powerful features

Key features

  • Third-party integration
  • Viz Script language
  • Powerful shaders
  • Import fonts, images & 3-D models
  • Virtual cameras
  • Lighting and shadow control
  • Post render finished scene to a clip
  • Keyframe animations
  • Central asset management
  • Built-in text effects
  • Data visualization

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Buckinghamshire New University teaches tomorrow’s media professionals with Vizrt

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  • Student employability achieved 95%

To have received skills in areas that are quite unique to us, something that is not a common skill amongst people our age, definitely sets us a bit ahead.

Katie Bannock Animation and visual effects student