Easy studio screen and video wall control

Controlling all of your screens has never been easier. Vizrt offers a single, simple tool for managing dynamic graphics, live inputs, video, and stills on all of your displays.

  • 01.Drive all your displays in the studio from a single interface
  • 02.Your presenter can control the show using any touchscreen or tablet device
  • 03.Reduce mistakes on-air with a full preview of all upcoming elements

Vizrt’s Viz Multiplay allows for easy, yet powerful, control of multiple video walls at varied aspect ratios. Further enhancing Vizrt’s template-based graphics approach, creating reusable layouts both simple and complex, is a breeze. Vizrt uses the same authoring tool and render engine for all solutions. This allows any artwork created for other workflows to be reused in screens and video walls.

From Viz Multiplay’s single web-based interface, an operator can create and trigger screen layouts for one or more video walls.

Since Viz Multiplay is browser-based, it can be run on a tablet from the studio, empowering presenters to control the story they are telling.

Building on the existing Vizrt ecosystem, support for external integration can do anything from creating elements on the go, to filling them with dynamic data, and being able to trigger elements on-air. 

Powerful features

Key features

  • Multi-screen control
  • Centralised playout
  • Modern, standards-based UI
  • Runs on touch-screen and tablet devices
  • Built-in preview
  • Optional newsroom integration
  • Single-click operation
  • Up to 12 HD outputs
  • Support any aspect ratio
  • Dynamic video wall layouts
  • Live transition of layouts

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Singapore’s Mediacorp raises the stakes with on-air AR graphics from Vizrt at new production facility

Video placeholder
  • Automated programming 17 hours
  • Newsroom700 journalists
  • Campus800,000 sq. ft.

A project was started to upgrade to a new studio using the latest graphics and automation technology without interrupting programming.

A new ‘digital first’ mindset guides the fully-automated studio producing live video with graphics, with the result of boosted viewership.

This was a massive feat and everyone played their part in achieving this, especially if you consider the leap in the technology usage from before and after.

James HollisVice President, Production Services at Mediacorp.