Vizrt launches the industry's first software-defined automation product line for all productions

The automation product line - Viz Mosart, Viz Opus and the new Viz Verdi - offers a choice of powerful software-based automation solutions for all productions.

5 Sep 2019

What automation solution is best for you?

Vizrt, the innovator of software-defined visual storytelling (#SDVS) platforms, has enhanced its full line up of automation solutions for live productions. The automation product line - Viz Mosart, Viz Opus and the new Viz Verdi - offers a choice of powerful software-based automation solutions for all productions.

Vizrt is the only ‘software first’ supplier of automation systems for all productions in the world, providing innovative solutions for today’s environment, and preparing customers for the IP-based future.

Straker ConiglioHead of Global Product Management, Vizrt

This innovation product line starts with Viz Opus, a complete studio-in-a-box solution - perfect for OTT and secondary studios that need to go live quickly with minimal staff.

Viz Verdi follows this with a product that, like Viz Opus is IP-based, but with the added benefit of being able to grow with the production, with flexibility and efficiency for unscripted shows.

Viz Mosart is the premier product of the line up that delivers best-in-class ROI for broadcasters who need a powerful software-based automation system that is built for the world’s most advanced control rooms.

Check out our IBC2019 presentation 'Connected Storytelling' to learn more below:

Our automation line-up is designed in direct response to the revolution that is being driven in control rooms throughout the world, as more and more of our customers look to create more quality content from a reduced resource pool. Automation, and particularly intuitive, software driven automation, is the key to delivering more stories, better told.

Straker ConiglioHead of Global Product Management, Vizrt

The investment benefits of Vizrt’s software-based automation solutions are endless, the automation product line is the best-in-class, constantly giving productions more with less. From IP-based, efficient workflows and integration of existing equipment to multi-platform delivery and increased productivity - all contribute to an unrivaled ROI.

These software-defined visual storytelling solutions include director-based user interfaces. These removes technical complexity, giving a single operator the ability to execute complex error-free productions whilst still being able to react quickly for unscripted events. Additionally, the seamless integration with Vizrt’s product ecosystem simplifies consistent branding across multiple platforms and reduces on-air mistakes.

Direct benefits for live production is the ability for producers to do more with less, including going on-air instantly, studio set-up and expanding output format as needed. Each of the systems can be controlled by a single-operator with template-based controls, instant-recall settings and multi-platform delivery; all allow the fastest route to air.

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