Powerful graphics and video tools for the modern newsroom

Vizrt’s newsroom tools enable journalists to focus on the job of telling stories without technical barriers.

  • 01.Enrich your stories with graphics, stills, clips and maps, all without leaving your NRCS
  • 02.Integrates with your current NRCS on Mac or PC
  • 03.Easily publish your stories to be used on-air or on social media platforms

Vizrt provides the journalist with a suite of easy-to-use tools for: creating branded graphics using templates, managing and editing video, and publishing to social media channels – all from the web browser.

Get your story ready for on-air with Viz Pilot. The template-based system for journalists allows you to create, manage, and deliver high volumes of top-quality content for a live production from your newsroom control system. Plan your news, sports, or election productions with branded graphics, maps, animations, videos and images; all from an easy to use newsroom interface with preview for the journalist and a workflow allowing for last-minute changes.

Collaborate with teams across your entire organization to find, upload, preview, log, cut, send, and manage media. The primary tool, Studio, is web-based and accessible from any desktop, so users can edit and approve media remotely. Viz One task lists are driven by Vizrt’s workflow engine, providing transparency and flexibility. The newsroom plug-in sits directly within existing iNews, ENPS, or Octopus clients.

Edit and publish your stories to any platform using Viz Story. The browser-based video editing and publishing tool can be used from anywhere. Intuitive, powerful and easy to use without specialist training, it empowers content creators to very quickly produce and share stunning videos.

Powerful features

Key features

  • Templated 3D animated graphics
  • Newsroom integration
  • Image editing built-in
  • Can find media easily
  • Customize metadata and workflows
  • Host on-premise or as hybrid cloud
  • Simultaneous multi-output publishing
  • Data-driven graphics from feeds or files
  • Quick preview of different brands and formats

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Take your production to the next level with the right tools.

Singapore’s Mediacorp raises the stakes with on-air AR graphics from Vizrt at new production facility

Video placeholder
  • Automated programming 17 hours
  • Newsroom700 journalists
  • Campus800,000 sq. ft.

A project was started to upgrade to a new studio using the latest graphics and automation technology without interrupting programming.

A new ‘digital first’ mindset guides the fully-automated studio producing live video with graphics, with the result of boosted viewership.

This was a massive feat and everyone played their part in achieving this, especially if you consider the leap in the technology usage from before and after.

James HollisVice President, Production Services at Mediacorp.