Edit video content easily and quickly in a digital world

Viz Story enables fast, simple creation of new stories and highlights from aired and live content, branded with professional graphics. Simultaneously it will publish the edited video for use on-air or to digital channels in a range of formats.

  • 01.Allows teams to produce more content, faster, to reach wider audiences
  • 02.Removes bottlenecks on graphical and craft-editing teams, saving time and money
  • 03.Re-purpose on-air content to social media to engage and grow your audience

With the shift of content consumption from television onto mobile devices and web, the pressure is on broadcasters to generate even more content to share on digital channels, without exponentially growing teams or creating more bottlenecks in graphical and editing teams.

Viz Story is a browser-based video editing tool, enabling journalists and production staff to very quickly and simply create compelling video content from a range of source material, or even live broadcasts.

Without any specialist training, users can add template-based broadcast quality graphics and subtitles so that content is re-purposed for additional channels and audiences.  From the newsroom, to daytime shows, current affairs, breaking news, live events and sports, broadcasters all over the world are taking advantage of the benefits of Viz Story to increase content creation and reach more  audiences without growing teams.

Viz Story offers enhanced storytelling through video editing capabilities, the addition of transitions and fillers, photos and graphics, and text narratives to tell compelling stories.

Because Viz Story supports a range of frame rates and formats it also facilitates incorporating external content and facilitating audience engagement.

Broadcasters are now expected to produce content that looks great on mobile devices and social media sites, in a range of aspect ratios. Viz Story adapts graphics and video to different screen sizes automatically, and offers easy keyframing to ensure the focus of your story stays in view at all time.

For syndicated content, alternative branding can be applied on publish, so you only have to tell your story once to enable it to be shared or published in multiple places with different identities.  Multi-channel audio support for up to sixteen channels means that content can also be created with multiple language tracks and narratives to be suitable for global audiences.

Viz Story eliminates the need for re-versioning, lightening the load on editing teams, cutting waiting time for adapting and rendering multiple versions of the same story.

Powerful features

Key features

  • Browser-based video editing
  • Multi-output publishing
  • Work on growing files
  • Adaptive branding
  • Template-based graphics
  • Data-driven graphics
  • Subtitling support
  • Easy key-frames for clip panning
  • Multi-channel audio

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Al Hadath journalists bring their vision to air with Viz Story

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  • Publishing targetsUnlimited
  • Uploaded images4,000 daily
  • Broadcasting24/7

With Viz Story, I can take control of the package creation. It allows us to produce our stories in a shorter time and more accurate way.

Badih YounesSenior journalist, Al Arabiya & Al Hadath News.