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Production Control - Automation

Learn how this solution provides simplified operation, flexibility, speed of response, and cost-efficiency in news, weather, sports, and other types of live productions.

See in detail the following benefits: how to automate ad hoc productions, NRCS integration, how to move the move the control room wherever you want, redundancy, ingest live shows, archive and repurpose them all from one place.

Production Control - Graphics

The PC Graphics offers graphics design, data-drive real-time 3D graphics and seamless output to multiple platforms. Our experts will show how also how this solution can help with brand protection by keeping the look and layout firmly with the design team when necessary.

See what makes this solution the most trusted motion graphics production solution in the industry for real-time 3D graphics, how to control all the graphics from one single interface, how to control of multiple NDI IP output channels, ticker functionality and much more.

Production Control - Live Production

In this demo you will get the opportunity to see first-handed how this solution has the flexibility to switch, mix, and actualize any type of live production, with built-in media players, recording, streaming, audio, and graphics control.

See in detail the following features: the most powerful Switcher capabilities, Audio mixing, audio integration, 16 audio channels per I/O, Live Call Connect (Multiple participant guests and callers as live sources using major video conferencing applications), Real-time access to unlimited IP sources, and how to easily software-based control panels.

Newsroom - Journalist

Calling all journalists, storytellers and video lovers – this demo is for you!

Learn how easy is to use this template-based visual storytelling solution on how you can independently manage and deliver high volumes of stories with top-quality graphics, video, stills, map content and data visualisations across platforms and multiple destinations on-air and online.

See in detail the following features: Support for any newsroom system, Easy template creation and use, Intuitive interface, and storing videos with burnt graphics and metadate for quick re-purposing.

Extended Reality - XR Set

The gold standard for visual sets and augmented reality. Our experts will show you how XR Set. can be used for small, big studios, indoor and outdoor environments with advanced, interactive, 3D virtual sets, augmented reality graphics, video walls, virtual windows, and mixed reality presentations for any type of production.

Learn more about these amazing features: flexible operation, tracking support, superior rendering, easy template-based design and import from other 3D tools, advanced AR and VS control and much more.

Extended Reality - XR Venue

Learn how you can use this powerful solution to have real-time fusion of data-driven graphics into real game footage and reveal instant insights into any live sports. Discover how the image-based technology delivers stunning results without affecting the production, and how to take advantage of the AI assisted keying for placing AR graphics anywhere on the field; and the best part all of this can be operated remotely.

A unique opportunity to see a demo on the best image-based tracking, data-driven graphics, flexible non-intrusive operation, virtual advertising and advanced production requirements.

Extended Reality - XR Playbook

The XR Playbook solution enables in-depth analysis of all the decisive moments of a game. Built-in data integration adds more detail with visualising player or match data. XR Playbook brings the action into the studio and allows the presenter to enter the virtual pitch and break down the play from within the match's action.

Learn the key features of this solution: unlimited range of telestration tools, 3D-camera flights into virtual views, and optimised brand-consistent graphics for fast turnaround to maximise any sports coverage value.

Channel Branding Suite

Promote your content across all channels

Learn how to easily control and automate the cross-promotion playout and branding on your channels across all platforms. Vizrt Channel Branding Suite simplifies channel branding with automated processes - and establishes and maintains strong brand identity across channels and platforms. Easy scaling solves the growing need for creating more channels with more content on more platforms.
Learn the key features of this solution: collaborative creation and design of templated graphics, centralized, single interface control of any number of channels, automation, media playout and much more.

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