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Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is Viz Artist?

Designers use Viz Artist to create graphics for real-time rendering on a Viz Engine. The 3D animation software creates scenes used in the media industry for templated-based graphics. These elements are controlled by external applications during a live production.

What Is A Real-Time Renderer?

Viz Engine, the most versatile media compositor and 3D real-time renderer for the media industry, does not wait for rendering to produce a frame. If your system is set to render 60 frames per second (fps), the system will render the graphic in 60 fps. Viz Engine will render in real-time unless the scene is overloaded with more polygons or shaders than the on-board graphics card or system can withstand.

Why Have Vizrt Released A Free Edition Of Viz Artist?

Vizrt released a free edition of Viz Artist to allow the global designer community to begin creating content for the media industry. The free edition of Viz Artist provides more employment opportunities for talented designers, and provides media companies with a greater ability to use stunning graphics for their productions.

Is The Free Edition Of Viz Artist For Commercial Use?

You can use this edition for creating scenes and sell your work to media companies. However, this edition shouldnt not be used by broadcasters and media houses in live productions enviroments with other commercially available Vizrt tools.

Is The Free Edition Of Viz Artist The Same As The Former Training License?

Training license offered a different version of Artist. The free edition of Viz Artist is a far more valuable edition. The former training license had encrypted scenes that could not be transferred to a regular Viz Engine system. With this version, you can design scenes that can be used on a proper production system and when they are used there, they will have no watermark. The watermark only appears if you post render locally on your free edition of Viz Artist.

Is There Training Available?

Yes! Here is a list of free courses available for Free Viz Artist. 

Check out the latest Viz University courses for some great content on mastering Viz Artist.  

Is There Any Support For The Free Edition Of Viz Artist?

Not at this stage. We encourage users to help  each other in online communities such as the Vizrt Forum and on Viz Artist designers Facebook group

Functionality and Limitations

What Is Included In The Free Edition Of Viz Artist?

The free edition of Viz Artist:

  • has the same user interface experience as the full edition, and the render preview window has no watermark
  • has the same plugins that are shipped by default with the full edition. They are Image Fx, Audio Fx, Real Fx, Spline Fx, Text Fx, Pixel Fx, Adobe After Effects CC Import, Video Fx, Graffiti Fx, Weather Fx, SocialTV Fx, Engine 3D Stereo upgrade and the EVS Control Plugin
  • has the ability to create and render photorealistic scenes using PBR techniques using Viz Engine Pipeline
  • deploys the Graphic Hub (required to run Viz Artist) as the underlying database

Does The Free Edition Of Viz Artist Have Any Limitations?

The free edition has the following constraints:

  • only DVI OUT and Clip OUT exist and both are watermarked.
  • the resolution for DVI OUT (in fullscreen) is limited to 2K
  • the resolution for post-render and Clip OUT is limited to <=2K
  • no compatibility with Matrox cards for video in and out
  • no support for any other inputs (NDI, RTP, etc.)
  • plugins such as “Global Illumination FX” can only be added to the full edition (included with “Viz Engine – Engine Core”)
  • additional 3rd party plugins cannot be used
  • as there is no support for inputs, scenes using live video and clips are better finalised in the full edition of Viz Artist that is included with every “Viz Engine – Engine Core”.

Can I Use A Matrox Video Board?

No, see section above on limitations.

Can I Buy And Make Use Of Other Third Party Plugins?

No, see section above on limitations.

Can I Go Fullscreen / In “On-Air” Mode?

Yes, see section above on limitations.

Can I Use Post Render?

Yes, see section above on limitations.

Can I Use Pixel Fx?

Yes, you can download the installer here.

Can I Use Datapool?

Yes, you should use the 64 bit installer of Datapool, you can download the installer here.

Can I Work With Fill/Key?

Yes, you can set up your scenes with key. For broadcast scenes, however, you should check the key on a full Viz Engine version before putting the graphics on air.

Can I Do Scripting In The Free Edition Of Viz Artist


Can I Create Scenes To Be Used In The Full Edition Of Viz Artist (Included With “Viz Engine – Engine Core”)?

Yes, scenes can be exchanged between different editions of Viz Artist:

  • A scene created with the free edition of Viz Artist can be stored on a regular Graphic Hub. It can also be played on a regular Viz Engine, and further edited with the full edition of Viz Artist on top of Viz Engine.
  • A scene initially created with Viz Artist on Viz Engine can also be edited (and saved) with the free edition of Viz Artist. Any scene tree elements/plugins in the scene such as certain 3DP shaders, etc. that are not supported by the free edition will be indicated in the scene tree as non-existent plugins. The values and/or settings of those plugins will be stored in a so-called ‘dummy plugin’. This has the following effect:
  • the scene can still be played, depending on the complexity and type of non-supported plugins in use. Editing, adding animations, etc. is also possible.
  • the values will be preserved if the modifications do not affect the non-supported plugins, for example if  you do not remove the non-supported plugin/dummy plugin in the scene tree. In addition, when saving the scene and opening it on a regular Viz Engine with the corresponding plugins, it will play the same as when first created with the full edition of Viz Artist.

In many cases, therefore, you can complete all design work in the free edition of Viz Artist. In some cases, final design touches on scenes must be carried out on the full Viz Engine version. In particular, this applies when adding live sources, plugins like Chroma FX, Global Illumination FX, multi touch and checking real-time rendering performance.

Can I Use My Scenes Created With Older Versions Of Viz Artist / Viz Engine?

Yes. Scenes from older versions of Viz Artist can be run with the free edition of Viz Artist if no third party plugins are used. In addition, scenes from the free edition of Viz Artist can be used in older versions of Viz Artist. However, some newer plugins and features may not be available in older versions, causing version conflicts.

Can I Work With Live Video And Video Clips?

You cannot see any live video sources because there are no inputs. However, experienced designers will be knowledgeable enough to add the plugins for video clips and live in the free edition of Viz Artist. Final testing, however, must be carried out on a regular Viz Engine (with the full edition of Viz Artist included with “Viz Engine – Engine Core”).

Can I Create And Test Interactive Scenes?

Yes, you can create and test interactive scenes. You can view the free edition of Viz Artist in fullscreen in up to 2K resolution. However, the multitouch plugin package is not included in the free edition of Viz Artist.

Installation and licensing process

Do I Need A License To Run The Free Edition Of Viz Artist?

Yes, a license is required. It is provided free of charge as part of the sign-up and self-service process provided by Vizrt.

Do I Need A Dongle To Run Viz Artist?

No, a USB dongle is not required to run Viz Artist. The license is provided as a software license with no physical dongle required.

How Long Is My License Valid Before I Need To Renew It?

The license portal issues licenses with a validity period of six months for the free edition of Viz Artist. After six months the license will expire and, in order to keep using the free edition of Viz Artist, you must renew it.

What Is The License Portal?

The license portal is an online website run by Vizrt where you can issue and renew licenses. You can find it here:

What Is The Vizrt License Service?

The Vizrt License Service handles the communication between Vizrt’s software protection server and your local computer. When the license has been activated successfully your computer is no longer required to be connected to the Internet.

How Do I Install The Vizrt License Service?

After signing up for the free edition of Viz Artist from the signup page free-viz-artist you will receive an email with a link to the license server and login details. After logging in with your username and password,  you will be requested to download and install the Vizrt License Service.

Which Browser Is Required When Interacting With The License Portal?

  1. Google Chrome (latest version)
  2. Firefox (latest version)
  3. Edge (latest version)

Installation and licensing process

The recommended OS is Microsoft Windows 10 or Windows 11 (both 64-bit only). Windows Server 2019 or 2022.

A NVIDIA GPU with Maxwell or newer chipset and at least 8 GB of Video memory is recommended.

Viz Artist may work with other graphics cards including AMD, and onboard Intel cards, but visual artifacts and rendering issues are possible.