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Globosat uses Vizrt's automation to great success

We chose automation to minimize the errors on air, and to reduce staff in the gallery - allowing us to use them to cover more live events. We have so many live events we need people to cover all of the demand.

Luiz Claudio Costa AnalistTech Development at Globosat

Viz Mosart was used first at Globosat in 2015 with a show called E Gol!, used for the studio and clips on air. After this experience, Globosat then decided to have Viz Mosart run all of it’s sports programming.

Viz Mosart is a Vizrt automation system that takes out the technical complexity out of a studio production, using one simple interface to control all devices.

This means that the production team are able to prioritize the story and are given flexibility around each individual show.

Today Viz Mosart controls all of the devices for the four fully automated shows that Globosat produce for sports. For the non-automated shows, Viz Mosart acts as a controller for video playout.

  • 14 fully automated shows
  • 2Used since 2015
  • 3Controls all live production systems

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