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Vizrt's compact control-room solutions for Globosat

For production here [in the compact control room] we have only two people, the coordinator and the director only. Before Viz Opus we needed four people inside the gallery.

Luiz Claudio Costa AnalistTech Development at Globosat

Globosat use Viz Opus, Vizrt’s compact control-room solution, in their control rooms for the production of secondary live events.

For Globosat it means that only two people need to be in their control room, the coordinator and the director, rather than the four they had previously.

Globosat use Viz Opus’s story planning tool ‘Showmaker’ which is included in the Viz Opus package.

This is a rundown tool tailored for studio automation, removing the dependency on any newsroom computer system.

For Globosat this means that the coordinator prepares rundown of the content in Showmaker, and then the director controls Viz Opus.

  • 1Reducing staff by 50% in the gallery
  • 2Integrated with Viz One MAM
  • 3Package includes Showmaker

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