Learn more about the cost-effective production automation solution

With Vizrt Automation you can control any studio device, work from anywhere, automate away common errors and create more content than ever with less overhead.

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Join the Vizrt Automation success team in this 30 minute demo as they showcase the most popular features of the Vizrt Automation Solution.

What you will learn

  • Find out how the Vizrt's Automation Solution takes the complexity out of your planned and ad-hoc live news and show rundowns

  • Take a comprehensive look at the different IP workflows that support this solution

  • Preform complex operations flawlessly, quickly and easily to focus on showing great stories

  • Integrate components from a wide range of live production suppliers

  • Access the entire suite of award wining Automation and Production Control solutions at a fraction of the upfront costs with Vizrt Flexible Access

We enhance your efficiency with our easy to use tools.

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Learn more about the cost-effective production automation solution

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