Viz Virtual Summit: The next chapter in storytelling

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September 1-30, 2020

We are excited to be hosting the must-attend virtual event of the year on VizrTV – our new digital platform, launched earlier this year.

Starting on September 1st on VizrTV, our live and on-demand virtual shows will showcase the very best in broadcast solutions and the world’s most successful software-defined visual storytelling tools, created by Vizrt.

The next chapter of your story

Now the time has come to write the next chapter. History recently took a dramatic turn in our industry that has accelerated changes which were already happening: the ability to deploy production tools in the way you need, to control them from anywhere and to produce content for any output channel have become paramount.

The only way to consistently succeed at these things is to employ software driven tools, free from the hardware constraints of the past.

To demonstrate the benefits of using software-defined storytelling tools, we will present several customer case studies during special VizrTV shows throughout September. 

Sign up for a month full of unique live events that will help you adjust to the changing world and achieve your production goals.

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In a month full of practical expert advice, you will have a chance to:

  • Learn from our specialists through short but comprehensive product demos and tutorials.

  • Get inspired by our customers - hear about their success stories, including how they were able to pivot and deliver as normal during these times using Vizrt tools.

  • Follow engaging round table discussions with leading industry experts and participate in our live Q&As.

  • Have fun at our virtual social events – and so much more!

Are you ready to start writing the next chapter of your story with Vizrt?


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Remote broadcast production from Vizrt

With Vizrt, broadcasters are able to create more and to produce efficiently while saving time and resources, but the current question is - how can a broadcaster maintain a high-quality production with limited staff or staff required to work from home?

During this extraordinary time in our history, one instrumental benefit to our customers has been their ability to use Vizrt software to produce shows remotely. 

Producing from home, our customers were able to meet the same brand and programming standards to keep audiences informed, educated, and entertained on a global scale.