Made For These Times

Vizrt & Software-Defined Visual Storytelling

Many of the world’s top TV news reporters are under local stay-at-home lockdown orders due to the global pandemic, the new normal of our times. Thankfully, one company is prepared to help broadcasters with tools that enable them to quickly adapt and retain control room sophistication from their living room.

Here are some specifics of how Vizrt’s software-defined sophistication can help with remote productions and staff working from home:

Viz Mosart

Viz Mosart helps broadcasters create top quality shows through automation so rundowns can be executed more efficiently and even remotely within virtualized control rooms. Viz Mosart enables production of more content, allowing multiple feeds or more shows to be created within a single control room.


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Viz Story

Viz Story enables quick turnaround of stories, without having to be on site, or in the TV station, allowing journalists to sit at home and create and edit videos.

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