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Viz One is more than a production, management, and distribution system. A broad range of APIs allows it to be used for many other media applications. The APIs abstract low-level media asset management, transcoding, and delivery mechanisms freeing developers to focus on the task at hand. The APIs are based on REST and SOAP with support for rapid event-based processing.

The Viz One API Development Exam was developed by Vizrt's best professionals to meet broadcasters' requirements for highly skilled API developers. Hence, this exam will test your competency in the API's core functions; how to execute commands against the Viz One APIs, trigger command-based events, and so on. 

A result with a passing grade of 70% or more will confirm that you can develop integrations and extensions for Viz One.


The price to take the certification is USD 249.
You will be granted access to the certification Exam for five days after purchase. The Certification Exam is 60 minutes long with 60 questions, and you will have 3 attempts to pass.


To pass this exam you should have a high level of understanding of the Viz One API.

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