Viz Artist Advanced Design

Discover advanced Viz Artist plug-ins, learn new objects and settings, build scenes with audio and video, in addition to an introduction to scripting and Datapool to create interactive scenes.

This course gives an intensive skill learning program in advanced Viz Artist tools.

This includes using Viz Engine's internal command language in actions key frames, Datapool, and the Visual Data Tools plugins.

In Viz Artist Design you learned about Viz Artist's core shaders. This course will teach you to use some of the more advanced shaders, such as the RTT shaders and Pixel Effects plugins.

As with most advanced users you sometimes find yourself in need of functionality not built-in or provided through Viz Artist's many ready-made plugins. As an introduction, this course will show you the near infinite possibilities you have through scripting and how this may help you to succeed in every project.

Audio and video are important parts of Viz Engine's compositing possibilities. Get a deeper hands-on experience with the multiple ways Viz Artist can use audio and video as part of your graphics.

Last, but not least, this course offers an extensive hands-on module on how to create Interactive touchscreen graphics, through Datapool, mouse events and our advanced MultiTouch plugins.


Viz Artist Design Course

Learn the tools to create real-time graphics and manage aspects of the Graphic H…

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