Viz Libero Operation

Learn to create your own analysis clips and custom graphics and advertisements. Get an overview of system settings and configuration, and learn workflows relating to integrating hardware in the production environment.

Participants will the main characteristics of the product, and what Viz Libero is typically used for. The course modules teach you the structure, user interface and workflows of the product. The main part of the course, which teaches you how to operate your own analysis clip step by step, is split into three main modules. These are basic operation, advanced operation and setup and production integration.

Operators may not need to perform the setup and production integration, but it will help improve understanding of the workflows and technical challenges you may encounter. Same applies for technicians, who should get a brief overview of how to operate the system but may not require advanced operator training.

Practice is essential to become a fast and highly-skilled operator. Even once you can create a basic analysis, you need to practice and repeat the same steps many times in order to be production-ready. To get faster and reduce clip turn-around time, concentrate on the basic modules before moving to the more advanced modules.

Before moving into live production it is recommended to do a full week of intensive training in a production environment, also simulating stressful production scenarios. Assisting a live production of an experienced operator before doing it yourself is also desirable in order to learn more about production workflows and special live production tweaks.


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