Viz Trio Operation

Get an introduction to the Viz Trio system's core functions and learn how to edit shows, create playlists and scrollers, and use templates for creating data elements. Learn about Vizrt's video integration, Transition Logic and how to create real-time graphics for the broadcast environment.

In this course, participants discover the power of using Viz Trio. Course attendees get introduced to Viz Trio's core functions and system architecture, in addition to the general operational workflow of a Viz Trio system.

Learn how to work with shows and playlists, how to edit templates and create pages, implement concepts and variants, create scrollers, work with maps, transition logic and scene-based designs, work with the media search, and more.

On-site, this course is typically held as a 2 day course.



Viz Trio Operator Certification

Become a Certified Viz Trio Operator Certification! This exam was developed to t…

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