Collaborate efficiently with MAM

Share video and image assets across your entire organization with collaborative media asset management (MAM).

  • 01.Connect people and media
  • 02.Manage your media in one place
  • 03.Integrate with your systems

Digital publishers need a robust and secure MAM system that allows them to easily manage all of the video and image assets from every department.

Vizrt’s MAM solutions scale from single system instances to enterprise level across multiple locations.

Vizrt’s MAM solution provides one tool to search, edit, and publish media for all your teams–both local and remote.

The system automatically moves media, performs retention, and provides intuitive proxy tools.

Using Vizrt’s MAM, search, preview, and add full motion, high-resolution video clips and images to your live graphics templates from Viz Pilot and Viz Trio.

Viz One is highly flexible with a modular architecture and open APIs. This allows publishers to increase available assets by integrating with third party content providers, and enrich and augment meta-data with live feeds.

Powerful search capabilities mean that the content you need is always at your fingertips, along with the editing tools you need for production.

Powerful features

Key features

  • Find media easily
  • Move media automatically
  • Keep media organized
  • Control media rights
  • Integrate easily with systems
  • Track production
  • Easily extend storage
  • Built-in proxy editing
  • Customize metadata and workflows
  • Improve collaboration and efficiency
  • Manage millions of files
  • Host on-premise or as hybrid cloud

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Take your production to the next level with the right tools.

Vizrt builds the model for future media productions with Expressen TV

Video placeholder
  • Internet footprint31 social media accounts
  • Technology8 HD SDI inputs
  • Digital2 IP stream inputs

How does a traditional publication such as a newspaper adapt their content for the growing use of online video for news consumption? Find out how one of Sweden’s major news outlets added the latest graphics and video technology to their workflow to create a high-quality online live-video production.

As part of its focus on creating online content, the newspaper wanted to create high-quality video content with 3D graphics that would look great on multiple platforms. A technical infrastructure was built with tools for social media curation, graphics design and immersive graphics with a virtual set and fast browser-based video editing.

This has brought about the perfect marriage of content from Expressen TV and technology from Vizrt.

Thomas MattssonEditor-in-Chief of Expressen