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Boost your viewership with amazing live content and stunning graphics all operated from a intuitive software user interface. Stay ahead of competition by being first with the latest content to any platform.

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  • 02.Stream live to any platform
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Online media companies who use Vizrt’s studio automation have seen a clear connection between the increased amount of content published and increased viewership. Live production allows any media company to stay relevant and present for a new generation of viewing habits where both high-quality and quantity are required to be successful.

Live production builds trust and a strong brand for the viewer, and it promotes presence between media outlets and viewers in a way that was previously too costly to do online. Furthermore, live production allows interaction with the viewer in comments, reactions and shares, and lets viewers participate in the show when it still is live.

Vizrt’s studio automation solution Viz Mosart is created to enable easy-to-create, low-cost live productions with a professional result. The software-defined system architecture allows future-proof investment to give any organisation the competence of staying relevant in a constantly evolving, online media market.

The simple user interface gives the operator the power to create impressive stories – both in unplanned and planned situations. Planned shows can easily be created in Vizrt’s included rundown creation tool, “Showmaker”, where stories and content can be prepared for any show.

In the case of unplanned events intuitive keyboard and touch screen operation gives operational flexibility to handle any scenario. The systems allow playout of live sources such as cameras, external sources, pre-recorded video clips, graphics, audio, studio lighting and robotic cameras.

The system supports automatic live versioning of the content, so you can create automatic custom-branded versions of the live production for a web page, social media and any other destination – maximising the production value for all platforms.

Powerful features

Key features

  • Easy-to-use
  • Only single operator required
  • No need for complex TV gear
  • Compact system can fit anywhere
  • Portable form factor
  • Go live without planning
  • World-class branding
  • Rundown planning tool
  • Scalable solution
  • Free graphics design tool

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Vizrt builds the model for future media productions with Expressen TV

Video placeholder
  • Internet footprint31 social media accounts
  • Technology8 HD SDI inputs
  • Digital2 IP stream inputs

How does a traditional publication such as a newspaper adapt their content for the growing use of online video for news consumption? Find out how one of Sweden’s major news outlets added the latest graphics and video technology to their workflow to create a high-quality online live-video production.

As part of its focus on creating online content, the newspaper wanted to create high-quality video content with 3D graphics that would look great on multiple platforms. A technical infrastructure was built with tools for social media curation, graphics design and immersive graphics with a virtual set and fast browser-based video editing.

This has brought about the perfect marriage of content from Expressen TV and technology from Vizrt.

Thomas MattssonEditor-in-Chief of Expressen