High-quality branded graphics on every platform

Vizrt’s real-time graphics tools are designed to enhance your brand across multiple platforms.

  • 01.Branded graphics for any story
  • 02.Easy-to-use template-based workflow
  • 03.Total flexibility of design and branding

Vizrt’s live graphics production tools give digital publishers a full workflow for designing, managing, and applying branded graphics to live streams and clips for social media and VOD.

For live streaming productions

Add high-quality graphics to your live streaming production with the template-based tools used by live broadcasters around the world. Journalists easily create, manage, and deliver high volumes of top-quality branded graphics using templates.

Operators trigger a playlist of graphics for the live production. The graphics are automatically modified in real-time to match the resolution of the output format while retaining the same brand.

For video storytelling

Use pre-designed branded graphics templates to enhance your story creation for social media and VOD platforms. The easy-to-use templates allow journalists to choose the template they want, add it to their story, and only change the text and images for a beautiful, branded result.

For the designer

Viz Artist releases designers from repetitive graphics creation and gives them complete freedom to concentrate on the creative side of their work. It could be designing an original graphic for a breaking news story, or designing a template to use for cooking videos.

Powerful features

Key features

  • Real-time 3D animations
  • Template-based workflow
  • Newsroom integration
  • Built-in preview
  • Image editing built-in
  • Multiplatform publishing
  • Virtual sets and AR
  • Add graphics to a timeline
  • Consistent branding with templates

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Expressen uses Vizrt to be the first to break news with video

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  • video views per week45 million
  • hours live per day18
  • video clips produced per day100

We have the same goals when it comes to journalism, but the biggest difference is we do it with video and live TV. At the same time, we still cover everything on the website and in the newspaper.

Bella LevyHead of TV at Expressen