Connect your storytelling for Digital Publishers and Broadcasters with Vizrt at NAB 2019

Vizrt, the world’s leading provider of visual storytelling tools for media content creators, will be demonstrating at NAB, during several live stage shows called ‘Connected Storytelling’, how they are innovating 24 hours news programmes and other live productions.

The ‘Connected Storytelling’ show, presented at NAB 2019, demonstrated Vizrt’s intuitive automation solutions and Metagraphics workflows bringing the future of live production and content creation to the media companies in attendance. 

Visual storytelling through studio branding

For journalists, the Viz Pilot Edge template-based system will be shown in the newsroom, as the journalist’s solution for choosing video and graphics content for the main output as well as studio screens.

This is all natively supported by Vizrt’s original Metagraphics technology. Metagraphics future proofs media workflows by storing graphics on video content as metadata, which is adaptable for any platform.

Metagraphics have a number of benefits over a traditional workflow because they exist as metadata instead of burned into the video.  This allows for continuous editing until the story goes on-air, giving the video editors and journalists full creative freedom while keeping the assets ready to be displayed in any design or on any platform to the viewer. Viz Pilot Edge integrates seamlessly with the all newsroom computer systems (NRCS).

Modern live production

‘Connected Storytelling’ demonstrates how Vizrt’s production automation allows media companies to create complex programs accurately and with flexibility, every time, and keeping them on-air all the time.

Woman working in control room with Viz Mosart

By removing technical complexity for the director, the Viz Mosart production automation system ensures that programs can be fully-automated and have end-to-end workflow efficiency with maximized utilization of existing studio equipment and studios.

Future proof multiplatform production

The Vizrt workflow takes  a modernized approach to multi-platform distribution with Viz Story. Viz Story simplifies the editing process as well as distribution in any format and for any platform. The workflow bridges the gap between the broadcast content with the social desk through the Vizrt’s content platform with Vizrt’s content platform Viz One.  This powerful combination has proven to significantly cut time in re-purposing content from on-air to online.

With both digital publishers and traditional broadcasters consistently having to produce more content on multiple platforms, Vizrt will be demonstrating these integrated solutions at NAB to save time and operational costs. 


Press contacts: Chris Black / Cath Webb

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