World-class graphics for everyone; Vizrt gives away Viz Artist design software

Sign up for the free edition of Viz Artist. Designers and media houses will harness the power of free Viz Artist to expand their creative potential.

Download the free edition of Viz Artist here

Vizrt’s powerful real-time design platform, Viz Artist, is now free for creatives around the world. Viz Artist unleashes the creativity of designers to model a new future for the global media landscape. Media houses, broadcasters, and digital publishers, gain access to a rapidly growing pool of talent that will bring their brand to new heights of powerful visual storytelling.

“We want to unlock the creative potential of live media production,” says Vizrt CTO Petter Ole Jakobsen. “With the release of Viz Artist 3.10 with its new dongle-free license structure, and a robust online training program with Viz University, we are providing a very easy way for designers around the world to learn this powerful design tool.”

Freedom for designers

Viz Artist allows designers to expand their career with the #1 real-time design tool for the broadcast industry. The system includes a suite of tools and plugins for creating professional scenes and templated-graphics packages. Optional access to Viz University allows designers to learn the system online and at their own pace.

Freedom for media companies

The free edition of Viz Artist creates a large pool of talented professionals, allowing media companies to choose the designers that best fit their needs and style. Businesses now have a larger number of Viz Artist workstations internally, including on every Viz Engine, adding greater workflow flexibility and design team output on a daily basis.

Petter Ole Jakobsen added, “With more designers in the market, the ability to have new and unique designs for live productions greatly increases, allowing media companies to find new ways to engage their audiences. The branding and design options truly become limitless.”

Freedom for universities

Educational institutions can now prepare their students for a bright future in media design by teaching the system used by the world’s largest media brands. Working together with Viz University, full classrooms of Viz Artist students can learn everything from the basics of scene building, to advanced data-driven graphics, augmented reality, and virtual set design.

How to sign up

Click here to sign up and download the free edition of Viz Artist.

Viz Artist requires a PC running Windows. The free edition of Viz Artist is limited to watermarked DVI OUT and Clip render OUT.

“I’m really excited to see what designers come up with using Viz Artist. This truly opens up the media production world to a new level of creativity that has never been seen before,” concludes Petter Ole Jakobsen.

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