Powerful real-time graphics and video playout

Control all of your graphics and video with the world’s most powerful graphics and video playout server from Vizrt.

Viz Engine is the preferred video server and graphics playout solution for some of the world’s biggest media houses.

Viz Engine plays clips out as a DVE and adds graphics during the compositing process. The system is expandable; multiple GPUs can be added, allowing for complex live graphics and video production.

Viz Engine is a reliable playout server for 4K/UHD video. The system uses local storage to playback 4K video using either a SSD-Raid—0, a SanDisk Fusion ioFX or a similar PCI-e disk.

Viz Engine supports ProRes, ProRes LT and Mpeg2 I-Frame UHD. If available, Alpha will be played out as well.

For HD clip playback, a SAN can be used for storage and up to 10 clip channels can be used simultaneously per Viz Engine video server.

Clips are played from the SAN directly through any Viz Engine, without the need of transferring files.

The Viz Engine video server supports all the commonly used codecs including XDCam HD, DVCPro, MPEG 2 I-Frame, ProRes, DNxHD, AVCIntra and many more.

Viz Engine can be part of a file-based workflow that includes Viz One, Vizrt’s file management system.

The combination of Viz One–for fast access to a media library for ingest, search, management, editing and distribution–and the Viz Engine video server gives media companies rapid access to all of their media files so they can be distributed on-air or online immediately with custom branding.

Powerful features

Key features

  • Real time render engine
  • 2D & 3D graphics
  • Live video input & output
  • Supports SD, HD & 4K
  • Key & fill outputs
  • IP Streaming
  • Video server
  • Dolby E decoding
  • Timeline-based audio
  • Powerful plug-in API
  • Full scene anti-aliasing
  • Internal keyer

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Expressen uses Vizrt to be the first to break news with video

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  • video views per week45 million
  • hours live per day18
  • video clips produced per day100

We have the same goals when it comes to journalism, but the biggest difference is we do it with video and live TV. At the same time, we still cover everything on the website and in the newspaper.

Bella LevyHead of TV at Expressen