Fast, easy video creation for digital publishers

No longer sacrifice quality for speed. Viz Story helps you create and deliver more great looking branded video content to your audiences on the web, and social media faster than ever before.

  • 01.Do more with less to grow your audience across all platforms
  • 02.Remove bottlenecks on graphics and specialist editorial teams
  • 03.Use existing and archive footage better to maximise the value

Viz Story is one of the worlds best in-browser video editing systems. Designed to be fast, easy-to-use and to help you compete in a competitive online world.

Stunning state-of-the-art animated graphics mean that your brand is protected, preserved and publicised without having to wait for an overloaded graphics department to provide what you need. Anyone can add approved designs to videos in seconds to make sure the news goes out first, with your name on it.

Powerful video editing features such as fades and transitions, multiple audio tracks, images and overlays are made simple. With Viz Story anybody can create professional-looking content and video stories in minutes without any specialist training.

Adaptive branding and graphics work behind-the-scenes to fit multiple aspect ratios, meaning that you don’t have to wait hours for rendering and reversioning in order for your story to look great on all devices.

Your story can quickly be ready to publish to all the places that your audience expects to see them, and you can get it there before your competitors, which gives you greater reach, greater engagement and helps your business grow and stay on top.

Viz Story can be used from anywhere, and footage easily uploaded from any device. You can mix and match frame rates and formats, and create your story from where the action is happening.

It makes little difference whether your brand reach is across five platforms or 20 social networks, you make one video and trust Viz Story to do the rest.

Powerful features

Key features

  • Browser-based video editing
  • Multi-output publishing
  • Clip highlights from live streams
  • Adaptive branding
  • Template-based graphics
  • Data-driven graphics
  • Subtitling support
  • Quick preview
  • Media store & management
  • Easy key-frames
  • 16 channel audio

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Globosat publishes everywhere with Viz Story

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  • Reduces workload by 5 hours1
  • Integrated with Viz One2
  • Used Viz Story since 20163

We don’t need to have a powerful machine, we don’t need to have a huge infrastructure, the users can use it from their own desktops, that’s the beauty of it and that’s why we changed a lot of users to Viz Story.

Roberto CossettiDevelopment Coordinator at Globosat