Vizrt Channel Branding Suite

The proven graphics branding solution

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  • Collaborative Creation
  • Versatile Implementation
  • Automated Processes
  • Design dynamic and intelligent animated graphics into templates off-line on client stations
  • Share content among designers and system operators with a graphics database of elements
  • Locate and retrieve video content to use in events with graphics using clip store functionality
  • Provide control of multiple channels from even a single interface or network clients with remote access
  • Scale to any number of channels incrementally with real time playout of content
  • Deploy different levels of redundancy depending on playout environment requirements
  • Dynamically fill out graphics layouts and events based on combination of metadata, rules, and conditions
  • Automatically create playlists from traffic scheduling systems
  • Make rapid up-to-second playlist synchronization with playout automation systems enabling last minute rundown changes

When faced with the growing need for creating more channels with more content, the Vizrt Channel Branding Suite makes complex channel branding simple.

 The Vizrt Channel Branding Suite acts as an extension to promotional and marketing departments of media organizations. The solution easily scales and enhances brands with process automation and cross-promotion flexibility across various channels. The solution augments the technical capabilities of master control environments from a single channel facility to large network operations centers managing multiple broadcast, web, and mobile channels.

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Channel Branding Deployment

Comprehensive Planning, Event Building, and Playout

  • Brand enhancement with 2D/3D graphics in HD/UHD resolutions
  • Utilize template-based graphics for high efficiency
  • Scaling from one to an unlimited number of channels
  • Choice from various levels of redundancy
  • Single point of management, planning, and monitoring
  • Traffic integration to automate playlist creation
  • Automation integration for accurate playout
  • Mix of outputs in IP, SDI, or streaming
  • Shared database of graphic elements for efficient content application
  • Graphics ticker component
  • Clip store component for access to media elements

Vizrt Channel Branding Suite Software Plan

Augment channel content with a scalable branding solution starting at $2055/month.

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