Vizrt Extended Reality Suite

The heart of spectacular storytelling

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  • XR powered storiesLive Virtual Sets, AR, and video walls
  • Enhance the gameReal-time AR for Sports
  • Get your fans engaged3D Sports analysis and virtual views
  • Interactive 3D virtual sets, video walls, virtual windows and mixed reality presentations
  • Control graphics in the gallery or with interactive video walls
  • Blend photorealistic rendering with the real world for unmatched viewer experiences
  • Easily add virtual 3D graphics in any outside environment, on the field, track or the stands
  • Deliver AR content across every match – wherever it is played
  • Real-time visualization of statistical or live player data from any sports data provider
  • Create new, unseen insights with virtual 3D Flights, views and moves
  • Use for any sport and enable re-monetization of valuable sports content
  • Track players automatically and visualize player position or match data above-the-field

Extended Reality Group Demos

Join us for a FREE live monthly demo and see how Vizrt can help you tell more stories, better told. #SDVS

Vizrt Extended Reality (XR) Suite is the ultimate representation of Vizrt's core capabilities for software-defined visual storytelling. Removing the complexity from stunning XR graphics and visualizations, it offers the first fully-fledged AR, Virtual Set (VS), video wall, mixed reality and telestration toolset on the market. This brings unlimited possibilities to any production in any location on set or outdoors, giving content producers the ability to swiftly and repeatably add visual excitement, fresh perspectives, nuanced insights and immersive interaction to their content.

The Vizrt XR Suite offers separate, flexible software plans for three workflow solutions. The Vizrt XR Set Solution plans enable different numbers of tracked cameras or videowalls. The Vizrt XR Venue Solution provides image-based camera tracking for any sport with pre-defined applications for graphics insertions and options for data integration or advanced AR Control. The Vizrt XR Playbook Solution's plans offer a vast choice of analysis tools, various levels of virtual functionalities, and options for data integration and Augmented Reality to embed analysis directly into a studio show.

Users can adapt their solution to meet production requirements, be it data-driven election coverage, magazine shows, documentaries, newscasts or sports. The XR Suite gives broadcasters the ability to tell their stories in highly appealing ways, add visual excitement, and augment value for the audience.

Vizrt Extended Reality workflow

Add value to any production with XR graphics

Suite Solutions XR Set, XR Venue, XR Playbook

Extended Reality Group Demos

Join us for a FREE live monthly demo and see how Vizrt can help you tell more stories, better told. #SDVS

XR Set

XR Set makes spectacular graphics and video wall control easy, so the focus can be on storytelling. Data visualizations, graphics and video are merged to immerse viewers into the narrative, be it complex election coverage, breaking news or exciting sports events using Augmented Reality, Virtual Studio sets and interactive video walls within a single workflow.


XR Venue

The XR Venue solution is the leading Augmented Reality (AR) technology to provide fans at home or at the venue with a better experience through real-time virtual sports enhancements graphics. Fusing data-driven graphics and real game footage delivers instant value to any live sports experience. The image-based technology creates stunning results without affecting the production and can even be operated remotely. XR Venue can also open new revenue streams with augmented reality graphics serving as sponsored virtual graphics.


XR Playbook

The XR Playbook solution is the world’s most powerful 3D sports analysis tool. It empowers broadcasters and media organizations get the most out of their valuable sports rights by engaging fans with unique insights into the subtleties, tactics, and secrets of almost any game. Delivering data driven graphics capabilities and sophisticated virtual reality features, XR Playbook lets presenters literally take their sports fans “on the field” with the athletes.

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