XR Playbook Solution

The world’s most powerful 3D sports analysis tool

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  • Engage fans3D Analysis & Telestration
  • Virtual ViewsCreate unique perspectives for the customer
  • AR GraphicsDeliver supercharged shows
  • Image-based calibration and tracking, no cameras needed
  • File-based workflow for remote productions, studio applications, or digital platform clip creation
  • Use for any sport and enable re-monetization of valuable sports content
  • Create new, unseen insights with virtual 3D Flights, views and moves
  • Automatic Player Tracking without special cameras
  • Integrate & visualize live data from OPTA, NFL/NGS, NBA Advanced data and more
  • Combine sports analysis with augmented reality (AR) graphics
  • Create a photo-realistic 3D view of the sports action directly in front of the presenter
  • Place a virtual stadium in the studio – create a bird’s eye view of the action on the pitch below

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The XR Playbook solution is the world’s most powerful 3D sports analysis tool. It empowers broadcasters and media organizations get the most out of their valuable sports rights by engaging fans with unique insights into the subtleties, tactics, and secrets of almost any game. Delivering data driven graphics capabilities and sophisticated virtual reality features, XR Playbook lets presenters literally take their sports fans “on the field” with the athletes.

Using any available video material, XR Playbook generates virtual camera images that appear deceptively realistic. It lets operators seamlessly combine eye-catching 3D replays showing a situation from different perspectives, with powerful 3D effects and dynamic, tied-to-field graphics to enhance sports highlights and clips.

The Vizrt XR Playbook Solution is available on flexible access software plans that enable broadcast and media organizations to scale their solution to match high-volume periods like the duration of a tournament or season.

XR Playbook Workflow

Live or file input, advanced data integrations and any output

  • Image-based technology, no equipment needed at the event
  • Insert game footage through live video input with integrated disk recorder or file-based workflow
  • Integration with replay systems for fast turnaround
  • Easy to learn editing to create analysis clips in no time
  • Create analysis clips on-site, on the road or from home
  • Open API for integration with video replay systems, statistics & tracking providers
  • Feature-rich telestration tools for interactive analysis in the studio
  • Virtual Set technology to embed the virtual stadium in the studio
  • Multiple output formats for any end-user-platform – TV-Signal, OTT stream or video boards in a stadium

Vizrt XR Playbook Solution

Immerse your viewers into the action of any sport with stunning 3D analysis and unique virtual graphics starting at $3315/month

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