XR Venue Solution

Adding a layer of excitement with real-time virtual graphics

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  • Unmatched Tracking & Keying
  • Real-time Data-Driven Graphics
  • Easy Setup and Operation
  • Track an unlimited number of cameras using state-of-the-art image processing technology
  • Apply real-time graphics without mechanical tracking heads
  • Easily add virtual 3D graphics in an outside environment, on the field, track or the stands
  • Integrate statistical or live player data from any sports data provider
  • Visualize tied-to-field data like Down & Distance, Shotclock or Offside lines
  • Track players automatically and visualize data above-the-field like player position or match data
  • Speed up operations with a turnkey one-box solution for quick set up and calibration
  • Deliver AR content across every match, even if geographically dispersed.
  • Work with multilateral feeds in a downstream workflow from the broadcast centre

Effortless insertion of live virtual graphics (AR) with unrivaled camera tracking and keying technology in a simple workflow for an extra layer of excitement for every sports coverage.

XR Venue is Vizrt's pioneering augmented reality technology for real-time virtual graphics enhancements. Instead of using conventional full-frame graphics, it enables the use of immersive, hyper-real virtual 3D-graphics innovating ways to best display additional information. The adaptable solution can be utilized for every sporting event or outdoor location, no matter if the graphics need to be displayed on a flat or uneven background.

The Vizrt XR Venue Solution is available with a Flexible Access model with balanced software plans and an easy upgrade path. It enables broadcast and media organizations to adopt the ideal solution for specific periods, tournaments or seasons adding visual excitement, new perspectives, insights and interaction.


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The real-time Virtual Graphics Solution

Consistent workflow, easy setup and operation

  • Image-based tracking, no equipment needed at the event
  • AI-based, robust keying
  • One or multiple camera feeds are ingested to add virtual graphics
  • Use for any sport or outdoor location, no regular geometry required.
  • XR Venue can be located onsite or in a downstream workflow
  • Calibration of camera angles and control of live virtual graphics by one operator
  • Data-driven graphics to enable a fully automatic workflow
  • Flexible choice of playout - fill & key or a composited video signal
  • Multiple, fully rendered HD or 4K outputs with different graphics
  • Multiple output formats for any platform: TV, online, OTT or on-site video displays

Vizrt XR Venue Solution Software plans

Add stunning live augmented reality graphics to every sports coverage starting at $1495/month

XR Venue Solution Brief

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