Vizrt Newsroom Suite

Any content, any story, told in your newsroom

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  • Powerful yet easy templated graphics
  • Best in class workflow integrations
  • Fast and remote-friendly production
  • Designers create easy-to-use graphics templates for journalists
  • Fill templates with text, data, images, maps and videos for story preparation
  • Choose to keep graphics data separated from video clips with Meta-graphics linking of assets
  • Integrated with all major NewsRoom Computer Systems
  • Enable anyone to easily fill in templates and prepare assets free from errors
  • Utilize MOS interoperability for efficient graphics exchange
  • Import and edit graphics elements within edit systems
  • Enter data visualizations, map content, images or videos in predefined graphics animations
  • Access the browser-based solution from anywhere providing flexible production workflows

The Vizrt Newsroom Suite Journalist solution is fully integrated with newsroom environments as a template-based, visual storytelling solution for journalists, providing everything they need to independently manage and deliver high volumes of stories with top-quality content across platforms and multiple destinations. This future-ready software suite can be easily deployed in different locations depending on business needs.

The software is available as an application to be installed locally on specified off the shelf computer hardware. Flexible access software plans provide an approach that gets any production organization up and running without substantial initial costs – from just about anywhere.

Scale your solution to match your needs in terms of number of concurrent users and, number of connections to edit systems and need for clip and image store functionality.

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Newsroom Deployment

Flexible Collaboration Across Locations

  • Fill in templates with a browser-based interface
  • Add graphics directly to stories in the rundowns of newsroom systems
  • Graphics plugin for widely used non-linear editing systems
  • Built on the MOS standard for efficient graphics exchange
  • Create templates in a HTML Template Builder Tool
  • Import of advanced scenes into the Template Builder
  • Auto-generate templates based on fields from imported scenes
  • Dedicated Layout Editor to customize templates for journalists
  • Use scripting technology to add customized HTML panels into templates
  • Supports non-burned in graphics to video workflows
  • Select and add maps directly into journalist graphics
  • Adjust images to be used in templates by journalists

Vizrt Newsroom Suite Software Plan

Create great graphics for news stories with a flexible solution starting at $4495/month
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