Vizrt Production Control Suite

The software-based production control suite

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  • Comprehensive production
  • Graphics integration
  • Production control
  • Cloud-based multi-source live video switching, graphics and automation
  • Perform transitions and effects over eight M/E busses and a preview bus
  • NDI native with remote sources and format agnostic workflow
  • Create dynamic and intelligent graphics offline to sync seamlessly with real-time production environments
  • Execute swift and accurate template changes to assure the right content every time
  • Deliver multiple channels of media playlists with real-time 3D compositing and rendering
  • Simplify operations with reusable and flexible automation templates
  • Handle breaking news and ad-hoc productions, making live changes on-the-fly
  • Automatically translate input from newsroom computer systems into commands for connected systems

Production Control Group Demos

Join us for a FREE live monthly demo and see how Vizrt can help you tell more stories, better told. #SDVS

The Vizrt Production Control Suite solves today’s production challenges and tomorrow’s changing needs with tried and tested, award-winning software products. It is a future-ready software suite that can be easily deployed and used according to organizational needs – in the cloud, on premises or any hybrid of the two.

This Software Suite consists of three Solutions:

Live Production Solution – this cloud-first, NDI® native solution lets you produce any show, with any source from anywhere, delivering any output needed. Consisting of award-winning Vizrt products Viz Vectar, Viz Engine, Viz Trio and Viz Mosart, the solution can be deployed to Azure , AWS, or Google Cloud – or be installed locally for organizations with different needs.

Automation Solution – this market-leading, best of breed production automation solution features Vizrt’s celebrated Viz Mosart automation software, letting you control any studio device, integrate with all major NRCS, work from anywhere, automate away common errors – and create more content with less overhead

Graphics Solution – this solution is built on Viz Trio and Viz Engine, a graphics system that has reliably delivered state-of-the-art real-time graphics in the control rooms of the world’s biggest broadcasters for more than two decades. Designed with production needs in mind, cutting-edge data driven 3D graphics templates with a direct connection from design to template to on-air allow you to enhance any story told – live.

Production Control Deployment

Deploy in the Cloud or On-Premises

Vizrt Production Control Suite can be operated by a single user or some combination of networked production team members as shown Graphics, Live Production, Automation

Production Control Group Demos

Join us for a FREE live monthly demo and see how Vizrt can help you tell more stories, better told. #SDVS

Vizrt Live Production Solution

Deploy your production to the cloud, and work flexibly – with talent located anywhere and the number of full production setups you need at any time. Integrate Network Device Interface technology (NDI®) over standard networking or the internet. Remove the traditional boundaries of media formats, I/O, channels, and delivery to easily create content for Internet, mobile, and television distribution. Employ multi-source live video switching, transitions, effects, audio mixing, integrated media recording, media playback, graphics control, and more in a single software solution.


Vizrt Graphics Solution

Create dynamic and intelligent graphics off-line by multiple contributors with an innovative toolset used by designers to build dynamic and intelligent graphics including animations and visual effects. Manage multiple tasks including real-time 3D graphics and video playout from a single control interface. Enable graphic and video elements to be played out in any order in real-time over multiple channels. Integrate input from newsroom control systems and real-time data sources.


Vizrt Automation Solution

Handle fully automated, semi-automated, and manually assisted productions. Manage shows with reusable automation templates. Choose from all production equipment suppliers and categories, including all the leading video switchers. Enable producers, directors and other production staff to perform complex operations. Take input from all major newsroom computer systems to easily utilize the work done by journalists.


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