Workflow orchestration made easy - Viz Helix

Viz Helix automates common processes and workflows making work more efficient. Adapt and extend your workflows on the fly.

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Key features of Viz Helix

  • Web-based system
  • Pre-baked common workflows
  • Easy-to-use process configurator
  • Optional advanced Javascript
  • Intuitive modeling interface
  • Make custom extensions and adaptations

Viz Helix is a web-based system for teams automate common production processes built around the Viz One media asset management (MAM) system. Automate file imports, permissions and more from an easy to use modeling interface.

Cloud-native and ready for IP

Fully cloud native, the software-based Viz Helix simplifies complex IP workflows by streamlining time-consuming and redundant tasks, allowing enterprise operations to unlock more value in their resources, become more agile and reduce the need for proprietary management solutions.

Viz Helix also accelerates time to market for new content while simultaneously reducing on-air errors.

Ready to learn more about Viz Helix?

Connect with a Vizrt specialist and take your production to the next level with this platform.

  • 1.Automate your workflows easily
  • 2.Increase transparency for your automated processes
  • 3.Extend and adapt on the fly

Easily automate complex processes

Viz Helix contains built-in connectors to Viz One making it very easy to automate processes around it with only minimal scripting. Adapting to change has never been easier. Simply load existing processes and make modifications or create new processes from scratch.

The system includes pre-made processes for common workflows. This enables you to get common workflows automated quickly, by just making a few changes and pressing deploy. The easy to understand automated processes provide transparency for your non-technical stakeholders.

The intuitive modeling interface to manage automated processes enables your team to be truly self-sufficient.  Extend and adapt on the fly to changing needs.


Latest product updates

December 4th, 2019

Viz Helix 1.1.0

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September 5th, 2019

Viz Helix 1.0.0

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