The world's most powerful studio automation system

Viz Mosart maximizes the potential of any live production environment. Simplified operations and advanced device control gives the highest on-air quality and speed-to-air while reducing on-air mistakes and cost.

  • 1.Content-focused productions and improved brand value
  • 2.Multi-platform delivery and accelerated speed-to-air
  • 3.Future-proof workflows and a strong ROI

Viz Mosart puts the story in the center of the production, removing technical complexity with a simple user interface, designed to give all necessary information to the director while giving full flexibility to operate both planned and breaking news scenarios. 

Viz Mosart operators in the control room benefit from a real-time view of all upcoming events through a tight integration with all major newsroom computer systems. 

The system gives the director a real-time updated version of the presenter text, and a graphical view of the elements that are on-air and in preview. The user interface also contains advanced keyboard and touch screen hotkeys specially made to handle breaking news and other unscripted events. 

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Key features of Viz Mosart

  • Hardware agnostic
  • Automate existing environment
  • Native API device integrations
  • Supports multiple rundowns
  • Graphical presentation of rundown
  • Made for touch screen operation
  • Comes with timing display
  • Supports external fader panels
  • Single operator enabled

Viz Mosart is truly hardware agnostic and the growing list of integrations are built on native control APIs for each device. This ensures that every integration is optimised for the device that Viz Mosart controls. 

The system comes with advanced features made for 24/7 operation, allowing opening and operating multiple rundowns from the newsroom system, allowing back-to-back operation of programmes without going off-air. 

Viz Mosart allows flexible staffing configurations and the amount of operators can even change during a broadcast. This gives the option to operate with either a single operator or bigger crews depending on the broadcaster’s specific needs for any given show. 

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Globosat uses Vizrt's automation to great success


  • 01.Journalists edit templates from Viz Pilot and video from Viz One and add to the rundown
  • 02.Uses commands from the NCRS to generate all studio automation templates needed to execute complex live broadcasts
  • 03.Sends commands to control studio components

Latest product updates

May 7, 2021

Mosart Web Components

Mosart Web Components 1.1.0 is now officially released

February 3rd, 2021

Viz Mosart 4.1

A feature release for Viz Mosart, part of the Vizrt Automation Solution

October 1st, 2020

Viz Mosart 4.0.2

A maintenance release for Viz Mosart

June 30th, 2020

Viz Mozart 4.0.1

A maintenance release for Viz Mosart