Future-proof compact control room

Viz Opus gives you efficient studio automation workflows in a compact format – allowing any media company to create great live production values and return on investment.

Bring any content to life with this powerful live production system. Combining Vizrt’s studio automation workflow and the Viz Engine graphic engine and video playback server, Viz Opus enables world-class production quality, error-free live content and great consistency. A simple, story focused, user interface allows the director to operate all aspects of the live production from a single console. 

Viz Opus is optimised for small to mid-sized production environments and lowers the threshold for going live. A strong backend, together with an easy-to-operate user interface, gives the director all necessary information in a single view, allowing anyone to create live content where storytelling is in focus. 


A standard Viz Opus configuration starts with a single workstation capable of doing vision mixing, video server playout, live Vizrt graphics, and audio mixing. The small form factor lets Viz Opus fit perfectly in any space, with a modern, software based architecture.

Get an amazing on-air look with the rendering power of Viz Engine which allows advanced realtime 3D animated transition effects, DVE boxes and full-frame graphics.

Vizrt’s story planning tool ‘Showmaker’ is included in every Viz Opus package. ‘Showmaker’ is a rundown tool that is tailored for creating rundowns for studio automation, and removes the dependency on an newsroom computer system.

  • 1.Single box control room solution
  • 2.World-class quality and consistency made easy
  • 3.Strong return on investment

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Powerful features

Viz Opus improves the quality of any live production bringing together Vizrt graphics and studio automation. A simple user interface combined with a sophisticated backend allows impressive content with faster speed to air.

Key features

  • All in one studio production system
  • Vizrt Graphics built-in
  • Simple user interface
  • Story focused production
  • Low threshold for operation
  • Powerful hotkey system
  • Big third-party system support
  • Supports SDI and IP
  • Single operator enabled

VICE News Tonight’s uncompromising voice comes to life with Vizrt

  • Growth potentialEndless
  • VICELAND broadcasts24 hours per day
  • Weekly HBO show30 minutes

Vizrt has enabled VICE News Tonight to create a narrative and graphics rich show that stands out from the crowd with a unique voice.

Vizrt provides a layer of consistency to our show that you would only normally find from a host going from package to package.

Charlie TravisVP of technical operations for VICE News Tonight

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Workflow diagram

Viz Opus supports both live and recorded content as well as Vizrt graphics assets. The user interface allows the director to take any of these assets on-air based on the rundown from a newsroom computer system or ‘Showmaker’ or with a keyboard hotkey. The final live production output will then be outputted through SDI.

Products in shown workflow: Viz Engine, Viz Mosart, Viz Artist, Viz One, Viz Pilot, Viz Trio

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