XR Set Solution

The global standard for virtual sets, AR graphics and video wall control

  • Universal Integration
  • Flexible operation
  • Unparalleled Graphics
  • Integration with all major tracking systems and studio peripherals
  • Import of design elements created with leading 3D tools
  • Unique render blade architecture with full Unreal Engine® integration and control
  • Full Automation integration
  • Effortless setup for use in studios and indoor or outdoor locations
  • Comfortably handle even complex productions with a single operator
  • Integration with NRCS systems for efficient template-based workflow
  • Centralized asset handling
  • Real-time rendering with the industry’s most powerful Graphics Engine
  • Superior Chroma Keyer for the perfect blending of real and virtual elements with automated setup
  • Unrivaled real-time Data-integration and visualization
  • Flexible choice of render blades controlled from one application

XR Set is the broadcast world’s preferred solution for AR graphics and 3D virtual sets blending photorealistic rendering with the real world while providing full interaction through control applications or interactive video walls. The solution lets media producers use the best tool for any job, deploying anything from photorealism with the powerful Viz Engine Renderer through classic graphics to a full integration of Unreal Engine. All of this is available in a single, efficient workflow and with one streamlined, simple control application within XR Set.

XR Set is one of the Vizrt Extended Reality Suite’s solutions and presents visual producers with unlimited possibilities for spectacular storytelling, be it complex election coverage, breaking news, or sports. It can be used in any size studio, indoor and outdoor environment using advanced, interactive, 3D virtual sets, augmented reality graphics, video walls, virtual windows, and mixed reality presentations.

The Vizrt XR Set Solution is available with a Flexible Access model with balanced software plans and an easy upgrade path. It enables broadcast and media organizations to adopt the ideal solution for specific periods or projects, without committing to substantial initial costs, and with the ideal combination of capabilities.

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Advanced live virtual sets and AR Graphics

Expand the viewing experience beyond physical limitations

  • Complete flexibility for using graphics in any environment
  • Use of mechanical and image-based tracking systems - utilizing freely definable tracking protocols
  • NRCS Integration enabling template-based workflows for journalists to create stories
  • Interactive 3D virtual sets, AR graphics, video walls, virtual windows and mixed reality presentations
  • Interaction with graphics through control applications or interactive video walls
  • Blending photorealistic rendering with the real world
  • Tracking data is converted to camera data that can be used by the graphics engine and Unreal Engine®
  • Real-time rendering with the industry’s most powerful Graphics Engine
  • Failover functionality for redundant XR Set setups

Vizrt XR Set Solution Software plans

Get access to unlimited storytelling possibilities and expand your viewer’s experience starting at $2395/month

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XR Set Express


The world's first fully equipped out-of-the-box Virtual Studio solution combining unbeaten Viz Virtual Studio capabilities and the connected workflows of NDI® to an ultimately simple solution.


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