Bring life to any live game

Cover more live sports events with less cost with studio automation. Viz Mosart gives anyone the power to create high-quality, live sports production anywhere. Portable form factor and few operators gives you the power to take any event live – with world-class results.

  • 01.Lower the cost of sport and esport live production
  • 02.Impressive presentation of any live event
  • 03.World-class data visualisation with Vizrt graphics and AR

Vizrt’s studio automation systems significantly lowers the threshold for creating live content, reducing operational costs, whilst maintaining quality – making even smaller productions look big. The integration with Vizrt graphics adds the ability to produce high-quality, on-air and augmented reality graphics to enhance storytelling.

The scalability makes the system perfect in any environment; live from arenas to traditional broadcasting control rooms. The portable form factor in combination with innovative software based system architecture, gives the possibility to create live content from any location to any platform. All while Viz Mosart gives the opportunity to maximise the value of traditional production environments.

Graphics are created in Viz Artist design tool and can then be used both for studio automation and Vizrt’s sports analysis tools. This gives a consistent brand and graphics look for all aspects of the live production.

The automation user interface has multiple modules and supports both planned and unplanned programs. For unplanned events, support for keyboard and touch screen interaction gives maximum flexibility to handle any live situation. The automation backend takes care of the coordination of all aspects of the live production – from coordinating various live sources from cameras, computer screens and mobile phones, and professionally presenting these as video effects or full screen sources – all branded for any platform.

Powerful features

Key features

  • Portable form factor
  • Easy live productions
  • Single operator enabled
  • Scalable solution
  • Free graphics design tool
  • Integrates to EVS XT servers
  • Supports automated branding
  • Integrate existing production environment

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Globosat uses Vizrt's automation to great success

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  • 4 fully automated shows1
  • Used since 20152
  • Controls all live production systems 3

We chose automation to minimize the errors on air, and to reduce staff in the gallery - allowing us to use them to cover more live events. We have so many live events we need people to cover all of the demand.

Luiz Claudio Costa AnalistTech Development at Globosat