Viz Libero Teams

Boost your team’s performance and tactical understanding. Viz Libero Teams offers the perfect solution for the coach and players to analyze and evolve the team tactics – giving a unique view of every angle of every play.

Reveal tactics within seconds

Key features

  • Automatic player tracking
  • Virtual perspectives
  • Playlist editor
  • 50+ different tools
  • Dynamic measurements
  • On-field graphics
  • Integrate player performance data
  • 3D camera flights

Tactical advantage

Facilitate tactical conversation between coach and players; Build and visualize complex plays with intuitive drawings; Improve player performance and tactical understanding.

Powerful analysis

The most powerful analysis solution available for any sport.

Easy to use

The system is quick and easy to install and users can learn to create advanced analysis in minutes.

Mobile laptop solution

Show analysis in the locker room, training center or even directly on the field.

Discovery Norway uses Vizrt to bring the excitement of live sports to the studio with 3D storytelling

  • Graphics1 platform
  • Broadcasting2 events
  • Storytelling3D graphics

It gives us very nice possibilities to get where we want to go, which is doing 3D storytelling as much as possible. You do AR graphics at the front, then you have the studio, and then you have the big screens, and all are used for the storytelling

Espen TvedtChief Editorial Manager at Discovery Networks Norway

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