Stunning 3D real-time graphics for any sport

Vizrt’s real-time graphics tools are designed to suit your live sports production workflows with everything needed to drive graphics during the game or in the studio.

  • 01.Real-time 3D graphics for any sport
  • 02.Integration with live sports data providers
  • 03.Total flexibility of design and branding

Vizrt’s live graphics production tools give sports broadcasters a full workflow for designing, managing, and triggering graphics to air. Real-time graphics turn simple graphics such as lower thirds and fullscreens, into live updating data-driven graphics that always give the latest sports information.

For the control room and OB van

Viz Trio is the number-one character generator (CG) for live sports events. The system can be used in the control room and OB van, allowing operators to trigger graphics for any game.

For the sports journalist

Viz Pilot is a template-based system for sports journalists to create, manage, and deliver high volumes of top-quality content. Plan your sports highlight show with state-of-the-art graphics, videos, and images; all from an easy-to-use newsroom interface with live preview for the journalist and a workflow allowing for last minute changes.

For the studio

Viz Multiplay controls a variable number of screens and video walls from a single interface. Screens can be different resolutions and aspect ratios for creative freedom of studio configuration. You can control individual screens or trigger content to multiple screens from one single touch or click.

Virtual sets and AR

Viz Virtual Studio presents sports producers with unlimited possibilities to tell stories easily in any size studio or in the stadium. Easily create complex, interactive, 3D virtual sets, augmented reality graphics, and mixed reality presentations for any production.

For the designer

Viz Artist releases designers from repetitive graphics creation and gives them complete freedom to concentrate on the creative side of their work. It could be designing an original graphic for a live football game, or designing AR graphics for a sports highlight show. Because Viz Artist is real-time and easy-to-use, projects are completed quickly on time for the live broadcast.

Powerful features

Key features

  • Real-time 3D animations
  • Multi-screen control
  • Centralised graphics playout
  • Template-based workflow
  • Newsroom integration
  • Built-in preview
  • Sorts data visualization
  • Image editing built-in
  • Multiple channel control
  • Virtual sets and AR
  • Interactive graphics
  • Automation control

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Discovery Norway uses Vizrt to bring the excitement of live sports to the studio with 3D storytelling

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  • Graphics1 platform
  • Broadcasting2 events
  • Storytelling3D graphics

It gives us very nice possibilities to get where we want to go, which is doing 3D storytelling as much as possible. You do AR graphics at the front, then you have the studio, and then you have the big screens, and all are used for the storytelling

Espen TvedtChief Editorial Manager at Discovery Networks Norway