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Analyze key moments of the game and give your viewers greater insights with Vizrt’s 3D analysis tools.

  • 01.Inform viewers of key moments of the game
  • 02.Monetize your live sports content or highlight moments
  • 03.Create unique content and add value to your sports rights

Engaging analysis gives viewers a better understanding of what is happening during a game while also building brand loyalty. Vizrt’s analysis tools are designed to give sports broadcasters everything they need to provide analysis during the game and in highlight shows.

Half-time and highlight shows are enhanced using realistic 3D replays and advanced virtual graphics. A suite of analysis markers and highlights are easy-to-use for sports presenters to create interesting highlight clips.

The resulting clips can be placed in the studio as 3D augmented reality (AR) elements, added to touch screens for interactive analysis, or even sent to social media.

You can use and create any kind of augmented reality graphics to provide more insights to the game, such as down and distance lines, heatmaps, player lineups or replay graphics to review critical referee calls. All graphics can be shown live as the game unfolds or as quick in-game replays.

Powerful features

Key features

  • 3D camera flights
  • Virtual perspectives
  • 50+ different analysis tools
  • Measure distances, speed, time or shot angle
  • Automatic player trackings
  • Available for all sports
  • External statistics and performance data
  • Mobile laptop solution
  • Easy to learn and quick to use

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K-League brings enhanced football analysis to fans with Viz Libero

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  • LaunchedSept 2017
  • Produced inSouth Korea
  • ProductViz Libero

The K-League, South Korea’s premiere football league, launched their first ever highlights programme in September 2017 featuring Viz Libero for sports analysis. The highlights show has a focus on in-depth analysis and critical debate from a host of renowned experts.

Using Viz Libero’s 3D analysis tools, the presenters scrutinize each goal, explain complex tactics and analyze strategies.

Viz Libero has brought a new dimension to our highlights program. It’s been extremely popular with our fans, with new levels of social media activity. The technology has a ‘wow-factor’ with many impressive graphics, reflecting positively on our brand. For us, it not only helps to build interest in our league and grow our fanbase, but it also educates viewers. Our viewers now have a much better understanding of why a goal or incident occurred

Jong Kwoun Lee K-League’s Marketing and Communications Manager