Live sports monetization

Using the power of Vizrt’s real-time 3D graphics tools, turn your field, court, or track, into a virtual environment with endless possibilities. Immersive augmented reality (AR) graphics add unobtrusive virtual ads to any sport.

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  • 01.Unlock new revenues with virtual graphics on the field
  • 02.Regionally tailor marketing for global sports events
  • 03.Minimal interference with the existing TV production

Vizrt opens up a whole world of possibilities to add marketing and revenue to your sports content for one or multiple customizable outputs.

Embedding virtual advertisements into the generated content provides an excellent opportunity for your commercial partners to advertise their brand together with 3D flights created with Viz Libero. Content sponsoring allows for the placement of tied-to-pitch advertising banners in a perspectively correct and unobtrusive way. Allow your commercial partners to own and sponsor your play-by-play.

Using Viz Arena, place virtual ads onto the field or court beneath the players. The ads blend perfectly with the surrounding environment to be unobtrusive for viewers. Virtual ads can be changed per region so region-specific advertising can be used for different audiences from the same game.

Viz Eclipse replaces existing field-side advertising boards with realistic virtual signage in real-time and throughout live gameplay. It doesn’t need any alterations to the boards themselves and requires minimal overhead to TV production workflows due to it’s image-based camera tracking and keying.

Powerful features

Key features

  • Works on any field, track, or court
  • Does not require hardware in the stadium
  • Advanced image-based tracking
  • Stunning 3D sponsor graphics
  • Flexible use at the venue or downstream at the production center
  • Works with both static and animated board content
  • Built-in backup workflow
  • Easy scalable for multiple feeds and regions

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The International Champions Cup brought localized virtual ads to viewers with Vizrt and Catalyst Media

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  • Reach179 countries
  • Manpower to create ads1 operator
  • Time to create10 minutes

Vizrt’s Viz Arena was used to insert virtual ads onto the pitch for all the football games during the tournament.

The International Champions Cup is a pre-season football (soccer) event featuring some of Europe’s biggest clubs.

To utilise the on-field ads that reach football fans around the world, Catalyst Media teamed up with Vizrt to insert region specific virtual cam carpets – tied to field virtual advertisements – for each match.

We were impressed by the simple logistics and clean output of the system. This leaves everyone happy: the production people because of the seamless integration, the operator for the minimized efforts needed, and most important, the sponsors to guarantee the cleanest possible appearance.

Sandra DharmawanVice President Broadcast at Catalyst Media