Immersive live experience for any sport

Vizrt’s virtual set and augmented reality (AR) graphics tools help sports broadcasters explain the game, add analysis, and provide new monetization options, with entertaining visuals that lead to increased viewer loyalty.

  • 01.Engage your viewers with stunning AR content
  • 02.Provide valuable game insights to your fans
  • 03.Unlock new revenues with virtual graphics on the field

Sports broadcasters are constantly challenged to find ways to inform viewers whilst setting themselves apart from competitors. The use of AR in live sports broadcasts is a cost effective way to add production value to the broadcast while also providing the audience with clear and meaningful information.

The use of AR in a live sports match adds meaningful information to the game, such as on field visualizations of player lineups, stats, heatmaps, and key graphics such as the 1st and 10 line.

Virtual advertisements are easily added as AR graphics over the crowd in a stadium, or completely unobtrusive beneath the player on the field. In the studio, virtual sets and AR graphics expand small studios to create large virtual environments.

They give the presenters the ability to explain key moments of the game clearly while entertaining viewers.   

Powerful features

Key features

  • 3D virtual sets and AR graphics
  • Available for any sport
  • Intuitive interface
  • Easy setup and operation
  • Built in chroma keyers
  • Talent reflection
  • Defocus effects
  • Recording of tracking data
  • Virtual Ads
  • Down & Distance

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The daring Red Bull Air Race ups the excitement with AR from Vizrt

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  • Viewer experience1 challenge
  • AR graphics 2 ghostplanes
  • Multiplatform3 platforms

The Red Bull Air Race uses the Ghost Plane and more graphic tools to add a new level of storytelling to the World Championship of air racing. 

An idea was born to attach fans to the story by visualizing competitors against the actual flying pilot.

A so-called ‘ghost plane’ (augmented reality plane) was created to show the difference between two pilots, with the result rendering together with race statistics in real time on several big video walls.

The Red Bull Air Race is a sport which is hard to understand if you just watch it, because you don’t see the difference between two pilots.

Stefan KochTV Director at Red Bull Air Race