Graphic Hub REST 1.0

Graphic Hub REST 1.0 is a major release.

We are pleased to announce the release of Graphic Hub REST 1.0, and encourage you to test this version as soon as possible.

What is Graphic Hub REST?

Viz GH REST is a restful API for Graphic Hub. It is an interface to retrieve and send data to and from Graphic Hub via HTTP requests:

- Browse, modify and create folders on Graphic Hub

- Browse files on Graphic Hub

- View and modify file properties on Graphic Hub

- Import and export images

- Export audio

- Browse, modify and create users, groups and keywords

- Attach searchable custom metadata to files (Viz GH Addons)

- View file types

- View Graphic Hub monitoring, journalling and statistics

Viz GH REST also features its own demo web page, which comes with a separate installer. The Viz GH REST Demo contains the full functionality of Viz GH REST and can be used as an example for your applications.

Installation Files, Notes and Documentation

The Viz GH REST software, The Viz GH REST Demo version, and release notes can be found at:

See the Graphic Hub documentation (available from the Vizrt Documentation Center) and the Viz GH REST API documentation delivered with the official Viz GH REST installer for more details.

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