Graphics Plugin for EDIUS 2.0.0

Editors can now add high-quality Vizrt graphics to projects in Grass Valley’s editing system.

The new version of Vizrt’s Graphics Plugin allows editors using Grass Valley’s Edius non-linear editing (NLE) system to access graphics templates and add high-quality graphics to their timeline.

Vizrt’s Graphics Plugin gives editors access to Viz Trio and Viz Pilot templates to change text, images, 3D objects and clips, as well as scale, position, or change the duration of an animation. The new version released today extends this capability to Grass Valley’s Edius.

Graphics insertion can be done extremely cost effectively by using a frameserver on standard PC hardware, sharing valuable rendering resources amongst groups of NLE suites in a highly intelligent way.

The Vizrt Graphics Plugin currently supports NLE systems from Adobe, Avid, Apple, Grass Valley, and Quantel.

See the full release notes available at



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