Viz Arc 1.1.0

Viz Arc, the powerful control for AR/VS, now with PBR control and better integration with Unreal 4 Blueprint

18 Dec 2019
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Viz Arc is a control system, which allows users to drive AR graphics and virtual sets from a single interface, in an intuitive and easy to use way. It even allows AR elements to be set up on a location map or a studio floor plan.

New features in Viz Arc 1.1:

PBR control - Texture controlling with Viz Engine 4

Viz Arc now control the textures in the scene, so the operator can easily change textures without the need to open the scene in Viz Artist in order to implement changes. This gives the customer a great flexibility while working with textures.

Better integration with Unreal 4 Blueprint

Viz Arc control multiple functionalities of UE4 Blueprint, including integration of Blueprint Action and Unreal templates. Users can choose which Blueprint function will be called on action/template execution.

Table view

Viz Arc can now work with content in tables. This includes full support for Control-Lists UI and generic tables in scripting UI.

Key Features

  1. Control AR and virtual sets
  2. Map AR graphics on On-Line site map or floor plan
  3. Import Viz Artist and UE4 templates
  4. Control multiple Viz Engines
  5. Communicate with tracking devices
  6. Keyer controls and fine-tuning tools
  7. Trigger multiple functions by command buttons
  8. Easy custom configuration
  9. Configure without additional tools

For full release notes for Viz Arc 1.1.0  please visit the Vizrt FTP and follow /products/VizArc/Viz Arc 1.1.0