Viz Arc 1.2.0

NDI is now incorporated into Viz Arc.

7 Apr 2020
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Viz Arc lets you control and manipulate Augmented Reality and Virtual Sets with an innovative control application in a simple way from a single interface. Viz Arc masters the complexity of these types of productions for you to maximize your creative storytelling.

NDI® is now incorporated into Viz ARC. Preview can be presented in the interface from NDI® sources. PTZ cameras can be remotely controlled by defining and recalling preset positions through NDI®.

MIDI devices are also controllable. Whenever an event is triggered through one of the enabled MIDI devices networked with Viz ARC, a script call back gets triggered, specifying the source and value of the MIDI event. Scripting also provides the means to output MIDI events.

Control and management of textures has been extended adding more materials from Viz Engine 4 including Tiling, Angle, UV Transform, Scaling, and Offset. Local files can be browsed for use as textures. Stored materials to be used as textures that are derived from Physically Based Rendering (PBR) which gives Viz Engine 4 near photorealistic rendering capability, can be browsed and triggered.

Multilingual support continues with support for languages as Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew with special attention for right to left languages.

Unreal integration moves from existing template usage to add launching of Unreal Engine and UE projects remotely.

An interface enhancement permits users to choose the size of action buttons to be small or large.

This maintenance release fixes a number of bugs based on demos and tests done with customers.

For full release notes for Viz Arc 1.2.0  please visit the Vizrt FTP and follow /products/VizArc/Viz Arc 1.2.0