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Viz Arena 4.9

The latest version of Vizrt’s virtual ads system is ready for the new Sports season with multiple new enhancements.

Enhanced calibration tools for any environment

Viz Arena 4.9 includes enhanced calibration tools that give rock-solid tracking performance for virtual content during extreme game situations. The calibration makes it possible for virtual ads to remain locked-in, even during very quick camera moves or zoomed views.

New keying presets  

Anyone working with outdoor sports is aware of its challenges and how quickly weather & lightening conditions can change. Viz Arena already provides advanced chroma keying, proven in all challenging conditions, e.g. basketball or shadows on the field. The new keying presets allow the keying to adapt for different environment conditions with a single keystroke. This allows direct switching between different environment & weather setups without any further update steps.

Down & Distance - New Season Package

For American Football, Viz Arena’s Down and Distance package has been enhanced with new features for the 2018 season. The new season package comes with a redesigned feather look (down and distance marker), a play-clock and a simplified UI. Curved field lines (field crowns) are now handled perfectly thanks to the enhanced calibration.

Additional new features and improvements

Viz Arena 4.9 includes several other new features to enhance live production. Latency has been reduced to guarantee a seamless integration to any kind of production workflow. New tools have been added to allow the operator to easily place ads on the field.

About Viz Arena

Viz Arena lets you superimpose any kind of virtual 3D graphics (augmented reality) over the live coverage of every sporting event. The system gives the ability to add locked-in virtual ads for additional monetization options to your live production. The augmented reality graphics add value to viewers by providing sports information such as down and distance lines, heatmaps, player lineups and more.

Read the release notes on the Vizrt FTP for more information.

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