Viz Libero 6.10

Vizrt has released a Viz Libero product update which includes a crucial workflow enhancement that simplifies the calibration process, letting you create basic telestrated analysis clips in seconds.

8 Jul 2019

The product release for Viz Libero 6.10 contains a brand new feature: default calibration.

Default calibration

With Viz Libero 6.10 you can now directly telestrate in-perspective when adding a video clip. Previously, users needed to set a manual calibration when telestrating in-perspective graphics on a playing field or pitch.

Advanced tools, such as 3D camera flights, virtual runs or any distance and speed measurements, still require a manual calibration. However, all basic telestration tools can be used based on a default calibration grid that is easily accessed and adjustable in the 'Editor' module. 

With Viz Libero’s new Default Calibration feature users start to telestrate quicker. This is particularly helpful to customer segments, such as coaching, where creating that perfectly matched 3D perspective may not be required.

For full release notes on this product update please visit the Vizrt FTP following the path /products/VizLibero/LatestInstallers/VizLibero_6.10.0.