Viz Libero 6.10.2

Viz Libero 6.10.2 is the latest update of the world’s most advanced sports analysis software.

This is a minor release that includes improvements and bugfixes. It is recommended for new installations and as an update to existing installations.

This maintenance release includes 12 fixes and 2 improvements.
The improvements are:

• RZT-5680: Improved error message when WIBU licenses expire. 

• RZT-5674: When a config file is corrupted, Viz Libero tries to load the backup file. 

In addition support has been added for Nvidia RTX cards. Also, RZT-5059 fixes a performance issue with Nvidia Maxwell cards.

See the full release notes and installation files from 
Please follow the path: /products/VizLibero/LatestInstallers/VizLibero_6.10.2