Vizrt Sports updates Viz Libero, Vizrt’s 3D virtual sports analysis and telestration solution.

The latest release, v.6.11, includes advancements to the Virtual Stadium feature, which insures an even higher degree of fan engagement.

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Virtual Stadium

Vizrt Sports is thrilled to announce an evolutionary release of Viz Libero’s Virtual Stadium feature, a very compelling way to merge your game experience with your AR Studio environment.

By taking advantage of the latest integration between Viz Libero AR and Viz Virtual Studio, Virtual Stadium allows Presenters and Analysts to extend their game analysis through a virtual view outward and above the stadium to give fans a spectacular bird’s-eye view of the action on the pitch below.

Viz Libero operators are no longer limited to the view presented by the camera image. Users now have more flexibility to leverage tactical camera views, while also taking full advantage of Viz Libero’s powerful data visualization capabilities, thus creating even more opportunities to engage fans through telestrated 3D analysis and 3D Camera Flights.

Another unique characteristic of Virtual Stadium is that the players on the field are the actual players as seen on the source video – these are not avatars. The Viz Libero 6.11 Release will offer a default virtual stadium. Additionally, a number of virtual fields for different sports are included. Customers will also have the option to import their own virtual stadium models created with Viz Artist.

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Improved workflows

Viz Libero 6.11 includes additional minor workflow improvements:

  • Player tracks can now be edited with a direct shortcut to quickly find all manually set anchor points.
  • Import Camera Databases: Viz Libero Camera calibration databases can now be shared/imported between projects.
  • On File-based workflows, clips no longer need to be manually imported/copied into Viz Libero. Instead clips can be automatically and continuously pulled from a watch folder.

Viz Libero version 6.11 will be the last 6.x release before Viz Libero version 7.0, which includes the new unified Engine IO. Please refer to the release notes for more information.

Installation Files and Release Notes

Download the installation files and notes and driver requirements from at /products/VizLibero/LatestInstallers/6.11/